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RECENT LIBRARY VIDEO ACQUISITIONS by classification number-- April 2014

Classification numbers:

A - general
B - philosophy, psychology, religion
C - biography
D - history
E - history - United States
F - history - individual states, other North American countries
G - anthropology and geography
H - business and economics
J - political science
K - law
L - education
M - music
N - art
P - literature and film
Q - sciences
R - medicine
S - agriculture
T - engineering and technology
U - military science
V - naval science
W - medicine (NLM classification)
Z - library science

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- A -

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- B -

Pilgrims and tourists / Bullfrog Films presents a Sacred Land Film Project ; produced and directed by Christopher McLeod.
Oley, PA : Bullfrog Films, [2013]. IMPRINT = 2013.
"Around the world, indigenous communities stand in the way of government megaprojects. In the Russian Republic of Altai, traditional native people create their own mountain parks to rein in tourism and resist a gas pipeline that would cut through a World Heritage Site. In northern California, Winnemem Wintu girls grind herbs on a sacred medicine rock, as elders protest U.S. government plans to enlarge one of the West's biggest dams and forever submerge this touchstone of a tribe"-- (as viewed on April 11, 2014)
BL580 .S73 2013 VOL.1.
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Profit and loss / Bullfrog Films presents a Sacred Land Film Project ; produced and directed by Christopher McLeod.
Oley, PA : Bullfrog Films, [2013]. IMPRINT = 2013.
"From Papua New Guinea rainforests to Canada's tar sands, Profit and Loss exposes industrial threats to native peoples' health, livelihood and cultural survival. In Papua New Guinea, a Chinese government owned nickel mine has violently relocated villagers to a taboo sacred mountain, built a new pipeline and refinery on contested clan land, and is dumping mining waste into the sea. In Alberta, First Nations people suffer from rare cancers as their traditional hunting grounds are stripmined to unearth the world's third-largest oil reserve. Indigenous people tell their own stories and confront us with the ethical consequences of our culture of consumption"-- learn-more/synopses (as viewed on April 11, 2014)
BL580 .S73 2013 VOL.2.
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Fire and ice / Bullfrog Films presents a Sacred Land Film Project ; produced and directed by Christopher McLeod.
Oley, PA : Bullfrog Films, [2013]. IMPRINT = 2013.
"From Ethiopia to Peru, indigenous customs protect biodiversity on sacred lands under pressure from religious conflicts and climate change. In the Gamo Highlands of Ethiopia, scientists confirm the benefits of traditional stewardship even as elders witness the decline of spiritual practices that have long protected trees, meadows and mountains. Tensions with evangelical Christians over a sacred meadow erupt into a riot. In the Peruvian Andes, the Q'eros, on a pilgrimage to a revered glacier, are driven from their ritual site by intolerant Catholics. Q'eros potato farmers face a more ominous foe: global warming is melting glaciers, their water source. Andes farmers, scientists and visiting Ethiopians struggle to adapt indigenous agriculture to the changing climate"-- (as viewed on April 11, 2014)
BL580 .S73 2013 VOL.3.
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Islands of sanctuary / Bullfrog Films presents a Sacred Land Film Project ; produced and directed by Christopher McLeod.
Oley, PA : Bullfrog Films, [2013]. IMPRINT = 2013.
"Native Hawaiians and Aboriginal Australians resist threats to their sacred places in a growing international movement to defend human rights and protect the environment. In Australia's Northern Territory, Aboriginal clans maintain Indigenous Protected Areas and resist the destructive effects of a mining boom. In Hawaii, indigenous ecological and spiritual practices are used to restore the sacred island of Kahoolawe after 50 years of military use as a bombing range."-- (as viewed on April 25, 2014)
BL580 .S73 2013 VOL.4.
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- D -

Pyramid [videorecording] / a Unicorn Project ; written by Mark Olshaker ; produced by Larry Klein and Mark Olshaker ; directed by LarryKlein ; a presentation of WHYY TV Philadelphia.
[Alexandria, Va.?] : PBS Home Video, c2006.
Explore the process of building an ancient Egyptian pyramid and visit various historic sites and rare artifacts, including the mummy of Ramses II
DT63 .P9 2006.
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- E -

Tales from Arab Detroit [videorecording] / an Olive Branch Productions film directed by Joan Mandell, co-produced with Sally Howell and the Arab Community Center for Social and Economic Services.
[Detroit, Mich.] : Olive Branch Productions ; [Harriman, NY] : Distributed by New Day Films , c2003.
"The visit to Detroit's Arab American community by Shaykh Ghanim Mansour, one of the last epic storytellers from Egypt, shakes the cultural beliefs of immigrant parents and their American born children"--Container
E184.A65 T354 2003.
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Our Nixon / producers, Brian Frye, Penny Lane ; directed by Penny Lane.
[United States] : Cinedigm, [2014].
Throughout Richard Nixon's presidency, three of his top White House aides obsessively documented their experiences with Super 8 home movie cameras. Young, idealistic and dedicated, they had no idea that a few years later they'd all be in prison
E856 .O97 2014.
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- F -

Surez gold : Afro-Colombian miners defending their heritage / Minority Rights Group International & Morris producciones y comunicaciones.
[Bogot, Colombia] : Morris producciones y comunicaciones, [2011]. IMPRINT = 2011.
"Afro-Colombians have been carrying out small-scale mining in Colombia's Cauca region since their ancestors settled there in 1637. Today their descendants continue to chip away at the red rock in search of gold, seeing it not only as a means for earning a modest living, but also as an activity deeply linked to their culture. Between 2002 and 2010, Colombia's government gave out 7, 500 mining exploration titles to national and foreign companies eager to exploit the country's precious resources. In the film we hear of the Afro-Colombian community of La Toma's brave, and sometimes deadly, struggle to prevent the invasion of mining companies and defend their ancestral livelihoods at all costs"-- -rez-Gold--Afro-Colombian-miners-defending-their-heritage (as viewed on March 10, 2014)
F2299.B55 S83 2011.
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- G -

Gringo trails / Zebra Films presents ; a film by Pegi Vail & Melvin Estrella ; directed by Pegi Vail ; producers, Pegi Vail, Melvin Estrella.
Brooklyn, NY : Icarus Films, [2013]. IMPRINT = 2013.
Raises questions about how we travel and the unintended cultural and environmental consequences of tourism in developing countries, examining Bolivia, Thailand, Mali, and Bhutan
G155.D44 G75 2013B.
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- H -

Say my name / Minority Rights Group International.
London : Minority Rights Group International, [2012].
"In many countries minority groups face discrimination, and negative stereotypes divide national and local communities. Say My Name documents the work of MRG's Street Theatre programme in addressing these issues, following professional and minority actors as they work together to combat discrimination and racism in four countries. In Kenya, Rwanda, Botswana and the Dominican Republic, we see how street theatre is used to educate and inspire communities with performances in public spaces. Featuring interviews with actors, directors, and audience members, and footage of performances from across the globe, Say My Name charts how Street Theatre works with minority and majority groups to unite communities against prejudice"-- mrg-documentary-film-say-my-name-using-street-theatre-to-combat-discrimination- in-rwanda-botswana-do (as viewed on March 11, 2014)
HM821 .S39 2012.
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Bionic beauty salon [videorecording] / written, produced and directed by Gretchen Stoeltje.
[Harriman, N.Y.] : New Day Films, [2008?].
Addresses the insecurities of women of all ages who learn to place their self-worth in the measure of their beauty, offering a model for how to reclaim the media and find one's true self through one's own voice
HQ1219 .B56 1999B.
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You don't know dick [videorecording] : courageous hearts of transsexual men / Berkeley Media LLC ; a Northern Light, Candace Schermerhorn production ; directed and produced by Candace Schermerhorn, Bestor Cram.
Berkeley, CA : Berkeley Media LLC, [200-?].
Provides portraits of six transsexual men through their commentaries and those of their partners, friends, and family
HQ77.9 .Y67 1997B.
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The human scale : in 5 chapters / Bullfrog Films presents a film by Andreas M. Dalsgaard ; produced by Final Cut for Real Aps, written and directed by Andreas M. Dalsgaard ; producer, Signe Byrge Srensen.
Brooklyn, NY : KimStim ; Oley, PA : [Distributed by Bullfrog Films], [2014], 2014.
Explores the idea of planning large cities across the planet based on the humanistic values of interaction, inclusion, and intimacy, a concept originating from the work of architect Jan Gehl, author of Cities for people
HT166 .H86 2012.
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The ghosts in our machine [videorecording] / Bullfrog films and Ghosts Media presents ; directed by Liz Marshall ; produced by Nina Beveridge and Liz Marshall ; executive producer, Aung-Thwin.
Oley, Pa. : Bullfrog films, c2013.
Asks if animals are property to be owned and used by humans as we wish, or are they sentient beings deserving of rights? Touches on the lives of individual animals in North American and European animal industries including food, fashion, entertainment, and research
HV4708 .G46 2013B.
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Honor diaries : culture is no excuse for abuse / directed and edited by Micah Smith, presented by Aha Foundation, The Clarion Project, Karma Nirvana, Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, Women's Voices Now.
[United States] : Honor Diaries, c2013.
In male-dominated cultures like Saudi Arabia, women and girls are treated like property, forced into marriage and suffer female genital mutilation. Honor Diaries examines 'honor violence' against women and girls and other issues facing women in Muslim-majority socieities
HV6250.4.W65 H6 2013.
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- L -

Maestra [videorecording] = Teacher / a production of the Literacy Project in collaboration with Tres Musas Producciones and ICAIC ; produced and directed by Catherine Murphy ; written by Eve Goldberg.
[Stanford, CA] : Literacy Project ; New York : Women Make Movies [distributor], c2013.
Examines the Cuban literacy campaign of 1961, when over 250,000 young Cubans, more than half women, learned to read and then taught 707,000 others, eradicating illiteracy within one year. Uses interviews with the participants and archival film footage and photographs of the movement
LC155.C9 M34 2012B.
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- N -

From the archives of modern art [videorecording] : a documentary fiction / by Eleanor Antin.
Harrington Park, NJ : Milestone Film & Video, [2000?].
Eleanora Antinova, once-celebrated black ballerina of Diaghilev's Ballets russe, is reduced to working in vaudeville and motion pictures of decidedly non- epic quality
N6494.V53 F76 2000B.
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Great cathedral mystery.
[Place of publication not identified] : [Publisher not identified], [2014]. IMPRINT = [United States] : PBS Distribution.
The largest masonry dome on earth, Florence's cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, is a masterpiece of ingenuity and a source of mystery. Historians and engineers have long debated how its architect, kept the dome perfectly aligned and symmetrical as the sides rose and converged toward the center. To test the latest theories, a team of U.S. bricklayers will help build an experimental, mini-Duomo, using period tools and techniques
NA5621.F63 G74 2014.
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- P -

Wnd Kuni [videorecording] = Le don de Dieu / La Direction du Cinma ; un film produit par la Republique de Haute-Volta ; ralisateur, Gaston Kabor ; scripte, Marie-Jeanne Kanyala ; producteur dlgu, Gaston J.M. Kabor.
[San Francisco, Calif.] : California Newsreel, [200?], c1982.
A mute foundling is raised in an African village by a weaver and his family. The mute regains his powers of speech only after a shock, then reveals his origins and the reasons for his silence
PN1997 .W35976 1982B.
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Pheorpa [videorecording] = The cup / a Fine Line Features and Palm Pictures present ; a Coffee Stain production ; a film by Khyentse Norbu ; produced by Malcolm Watson, Raymond Steiner ; written & directed by Khyentse Norbu.
[Los Angeles, Calif.] : New Line Home Entertainment ; [Seattle, Wash.] : Festival Media, [2007].
Comedy set in 1996 about a group of boys in a Tibetan monastery-in-exile in India who are determined to watch the World Cup soccer tournament
PN1995.9.C55 P4842 2007.
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Maradona, la mano de Dios [videorecording] / Elide Melli para Comedy Film y Ombu Producciones presentan ; una coproduccin italo-espaola realizada por Comedy Film Srl - Italia, Ombu Producciones - Espaa ; en colaboracin de Rai Cinema ; direccin, Marco Risi ; argumento, Manuel Valdivia ... [et al.] ; guin, Manuel Valdivia, Csa Vidal, Manuel Ros.
Santa Monica, CA : Distributed by Xenon Pictures, [2008].
Marco Leonardi stars as Argentine soccer hero Diego Maradona, considered the greatest player in the history of the sport. Dramatizing many of the shocking highs and lows of this extraordinary athlete's life, the film explores his impoverished childhood, his rise from teenage celebrity to international idol, his drug abuse problems and frequent run-ins with the law, and his now infamous "hand of God" goal
PN1997.2 M366 2007B.
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Demonlover [videorecording] / an Elizabeth Films M6 Films co-production ; a film by Olivier Assayas ; produced by Edouard Weil and Xavier Giannoli ; written and directed by Olivier Assayas.
[United States] : Palm Pictures : Distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment, [2004].
Two corporations compete for illicit 3D manga pornography, sending spies to infiltrate each other's operations
PN1997.2 .D4535 2002B.
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Twentynine palms [videorecording] / Wellspring presents ; written and directed by Bruno Dumont ; produced by Jean Brhat.
Santa Monica, CA : Genius Entertainment, c2006.
David is an American looking for locations for a photo shoot. Katia, his girlfriend, is French and speaks very little English. The couple travel through the California desert, all the while arguing and making love. After having a huge argument in the middle of the night, the two reconcile, but a traumatic incident occurs on the road that pushes them to their breaking point
PN1997.2 .T946 2003B.
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Bent time [videorecording] : and other films from the 1980's / Barbara Hammer.
New York, NY : Barbara Hammer, c1990.
"Barbara Hammer turns to underwater explorations and uninhabited landscapes, placing the female gaze behind the camera in these adventuresome films from the early 80s." -- Container
PN1998.3.H32 B46 1990.
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Belvedere [videorecording] / Comprex Production Sarajevo, Full Media Sarajevo, BHRT ; producent, Samir Smaji ; scenario i reija, Ahmed Imamovi.
San Francisco, CA : The Global Film Initiative, [2012].
Fifteen years after the Bosnian War, the women in Belvedere refugee camp deal with the trivialities of life, apparently obsessed with reality TV shows, but searching for the truth of the genocide and the bones of their loved ones
PN1997.2 B458 2010B.
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Our paradise [videorecording] / directed by Gael Morel.
[United States] : Breaking Glass Pictures, [2013].
Vassili, an aging pickpocket and prostitute, finds a young man unconscious man in a notorious Parisian cruising ground and takes him home to nurse his wounds. The two men discover a burning connection and become lovers and accomplices. They work together as prostitutes and take up the habit of fleecing their clients one by one. But, little by little, the net tightens around them as Vassili's violent past comes back to haunt him
PN1997.2 .O97 2013.
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Enough said / Fox Searchlight Pictures presents ; a Likely Story production ; produced by Anthony Bregman ; written and directed by Nicole Holofcener.
Los Angeles, CA : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2014?].
Divorced mom Eva may be falling for Albert, a sweet, funny, like-minded divorced man. But as their relationship blossoms, Eva befriends Marianne, who's always complaining about her ex-husband. When Eva realizes that Albert is the target of Marianne's rants, she begins to question her own perceptions about first impressions and second chances
PN1997.2 .E56 2014.
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Death wish / director, Michael Winner.
Los Angeles, CA : Paramount, [2014]. IMPRINT = Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video.
In a story of revenge and urban violence, Charles Bronson plays Paul Kersey, a bleeding-heart liberal' who has a change of opinion after his wife and daughter are violently attacked by a gang of thugs in their apartment. His daughter is raped, and his wife is raped and murdered. Bronson then turns vigilante as he stalks the mean streets of New York on the prowl for muggers, hoodlums and the like
PN1997 .D43 2014.
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Iyim avudim = Lost islands / a film by Reshef Levi United King Films, Inosan Productions, Metro Communications.
[Place of publication not identified] : [Publisher not identified], [2014]. IMPRINT = New York, NY : First Run Features.
A close-knit family's idyllic life is shattered when twin brothers Erez and Ofer fall in love with the same girl
PN1997.2 .I96 2008C.
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Copperhead / Swordspoint Productions presents a Ron Maxwell film ; produced by Ron Maxwell ; screenplay by Bill Kaufman ; directed by Ron Maxwell.
[Place of publication not identified] : [Publisher not identified], [2014]. IMPRINT = Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video.
The film, inspired by actual events, takes place in upstate New York, circa 1862. Dairy farmer Abner Beech despises slavery, but just as passionately opposes the war that President Lincoln is waging, all in the name of "union", hundreds of miles away. Abner is neither a Yankee nor a Rebel. He is what is known as a "Copperhead". A local anti-slavery zealot named Hagadorn stirs up the town against him, with pamphlets and rumors that prompt shopkeepers to boycott Abner's dairy products
PN1997.2 .C67 2014.
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The wolf of Wall Street / Paramount Pictures and Red Granite Pictures present ; an Appian Way and Sikelia production ; an EMJAG production ; a Martin Scorsese picture ; produced by Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, Riza Aziz, Joey McFarland, Emma Tillinger Koskoff ; screenplay by Terence Winter ; directed by Martin Scorsese.
Hollywood, California : Paramount Pictures, [2014]. IMPRINT = 2013.
Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, dramatizes his life from his rise as a wealthy stock-broker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government
PN1997.2 .W656 2013B.
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A touch of sin / directed by Jia Zhangke.
[United States] : Kino Lorber Incorporated, [2014].
Inspired by four shocking and true events, the film focuses on four characters who are driven to violent ends. An angry miner, enraged by widespread corruption, decides to take justice into his own hands. A rootless migrant discovers the infinite possibilities of owning a firearm. A young receptionist is pushed beyond her limits by an abusive client. A young factory worker goes from one discouraging job to the next, only to face increasingly degrading circumstances
PN1997 .T68 2014.
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Everyday / directed by Michael Winterbottom.
Orland Park, IL : distributed by MPI Home Video. IMPRINT = ?2014.
While Ian is in prison for drug smuggling, he will only see his wife and four children occasionally. Each member of his family will develop a different relationship with him as he is not there to offer the guidance of a father and husband. By the time he is allowed visits at home, their lives have become forever separated. However, the bonds that hold a family together will keep them forever linked
PN1997.2 .E94793 2014.
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Great expectations (Motion picture : 2012). TITLE = Great expectations.
[Place of publication not identified] : [Publisher not identified], [2014?]. IMPRINT = Los Angeles, CA : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.
After Pip, an orphaned blacksmith's apprentice inherits a fortune from an anonymous benefactor, his future seems promising. But a bitter heiress is intent on preventing Pip from finding true love
PN1997.2 .G74 2014.
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Du skal re din hustru = Master of the house / Janus Films ; Palladium ; instruktion, Carl Th. Dreyer ; manuskript, Carl Th. Dryer, Svend Rindom.
[Irvington, NY] : Criterion Collection, [2014]. IMPRINT = 2014.
A housewife, tyranized by her demanding husband, turns the tables on him with the help of a wily nanny
PN1997 .D83 1925B.
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Le pass / Memento films production prsente une coproduction Memento films production, France 3 cinma, Bim Distribuzione avec la participation de Canal+, Cin+, France tlvisions ; en coproduction avec Alvy bistribution, CN3 productions ; crit et ralis par Asghar Farhadi ; produit par Alexandre Mallet-Guy ; adaptation du scnario, Massoumeh Lahidji.
Culver City, California : Sony Pictures Classics, [2014]. IMPRINT = 2014.
At the request of his French wife, an Iranian man returns to Paris to finalize their divorce after a four-year separation. Trying to improve his daughter's relationship with her mother, he reveals a secret from their past
PN1997.2 .P3774 2013B.
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Breaking the waves / produced by Vibeke Windelv, Peter Aalbaek Jensen ; written and directed by Lars von Trier.
[Irvington, N.Y.] : The Criterion Collection, [2014]. IMPRINT = 2014.
A quiet woman in Northern Scotland marries an oil rig worker, who is paralyzed in an accident
PN1997 .B7434 1996B.
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Les quatre cents coups = the 400 blows / Janus Films ; mk2 Diffusion ; Les Films du carrosse ; scnario de Franois Truffaut ; adaptation de M. Moussy et F. Truffaut ; dialogues de Marcel Moussy ; mise in scne de Franois Truffaut ; une co-production S.E.D.I.F., Les Films du carrosse ; producer, Franois Truffaut.
[Irvington, NY] : Criterion Collection, [2014]. IMPRINT = 2014.
Thirteen-year-old Antoine Doinet lives in a cramped apartment with his mother and stepfather, neglected by them and unlucky at school. Living an intensely imaginative life of his own he gets into trouble and is finally committed to reform school from which he escapes and runs towards the sea, which he has never seen
PN1997 .A14 1959B.
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Winstanley [videorecording] / a British Film Institute Production Board film ; direction, Kevin Brownlow & Andrew Mollo.
[United States] : Milestone Film & Video : Image Entertainment, c1999.
April 1, 1649. St. George's Hill, Surrey, England. A reformation-era religious sect called the Diggers sets out to form a commune and till the soil on "common land," which by law permits grazing-- but not settlement and cultivation. Led by Gerard Winstanley, theirs is a nonviolent action to reclaim land for the poor who have been dispossessed by Oliver Cromwell's recent Civil War. But the local villagers see the Diggers as a threat to their livelihood and, led by the Presbyterian parson, John Platt, take violent action to harass and burn them out
PR6053.A856 C662 1975.
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Wuthering Heights (Motion picture : 1970). TITLE = Wuthering heights [videorecording] / Orion Pictures Distribution Corp. ; produced by Samuel Z. Arkoff and James H. Nicholson ; screenplay, Patrick Tilley ; directed by Robert Fuest.
Santa Monica, CA : MGM Home Entertainment, c2001.
Mr. Earnshaw brings a young orphan named Heathcliff to his home and eventually Earnshaw's daughter falls in love with him. A story set in the Yorkshire moors in the early 19th century
PR4172 .W83 1970.
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The hobbit, the desolation of Smaug / New Line Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer Pictures present ; directed by Peter Jackson ; screenplay by Fran Walsh & Philippa Boyens & Peter Jackson & Gillermo del Toro ; produced by Carolynne Cunningham, Zane Weiner, Fran Walsh, Peter Jackson.
Burbank, CA : Distributed by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., 2014. IMPRINT = 2013.
In Part 2 of Jackson's trilogy Bilbo Baggins continues on in his journey with the wizard Gandalf and thirteen dwarves, encountering the skin-changer Beorn, giant Spiders of Mirkwood, Legolas and the Wood-elves, and others before reaching the Lonely Mountain and the dragon Smaug
PR6039.O32 H623 2013B.
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Verrcktes Blut / von Nurkan Erpulat und Jens Hillje ; eine Produktion des Ballhaus Naunynstrae.
[Germany : Die Theater Edition, 2012?]. IMPRINT = 2012.
In this drama about young Turks in Germany, a teacher finds a gun in a student's bag and takes her class hostage, berating and taunting them
PT2705.R68 V47 2012.
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La Operacin [videorecording] / direccin y produccin, Ana Mara Garca ; co-produccin, Latin American Film Project.
New York : Distributed by the Cinema Guild, c2007.
Using newsreels and excerpts from government propaganda films, plus interviews with Puerto Rican women, doctors, birth control specialists and politicians, this film explores the controversial use of sterilization as a means of population control in Puerto Rico
RG138 .O64 1982B.
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- T -

Le renouveau de la photographie contemporaine [videorecording] = The renewal of contemporary photography / Arte Video, Arte France, KS Visions, Le Centre national de la photographie.
France : Arte Video ; [Chicago, Ill.] : Facets Video, 2000.
A collection of films examining eleven contemporary photographers through their images and commentaries
TR650 .R46 2000B.
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