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Printing Troubleshooting

Print Release Stations

Q. My student/faculty/staff 'Gate card does not work at a print release station

Did you just get a new 'Gate card?
Yes - The print release system is refreshed once a day. Your card should work in the card reader tomorrow, but your username and password will work at a station any time, even immediately after changing a password.
No - You may have to get another card from Campus Safety, but first try your card at another station.

Does your 'Gate card work for other uses where you have to "swipe" it, like a cash register?
First try another print station to see if it works there. If not, the ITS service desk can also check your card on a test system. Card readers can vary individually and across brands. If you print a lot in public labs, you may have to get another card from Campus Safety. If a number of people are having the problem ITS replaces the card reader or the whole station.
NOTE: Your username and password will work at any time on the station's keyboard to release print jobs.

Q. The Print Release Station doesn't seem to work for anyone.

Please report the problem immediately to the ITS Service Desk in Case or the ITS staffer if a person is on duty in the lab you're using. Any Print Release Station will show your jobs and allow you to print, so just go to the nearest available station and use your card or typed credentials. A station may be next to a printer for convenience, but all stations have access to your jobs, so you can log in anywhere.

Q. I am a non-Colgate Guest. Where can I print and how?

At this time (fall 2009) public users may print only from designated workstations in the Reference area of Case Library, and a companion setup in Cooley Library. You may get a no-charge Guest printing card at the Circulation Desk in Case or Cooley. At this time Guests may not print in other areas

Q. I am a Guest and got a card but it doesn't work.

Return the card to the Circulation Desk and obtain another. We'll reprogram the old card.

Q. I'm at a workstation which has a little box in the corner with my username and it shows "$0.00" Am I being charged for my print jobs?

There's no charge for printing. The release stations are one of our "Green" initiatives to cut down on waste. By using the stations, you'll only print things you really need, not extra copies because you clicked "print" more than once, didn't really need that page, etc. Jobs disappear after two hours if you don't choose to print them

Q. I'm logged in on a public computer. I printed a document but when I swipe my card at the Print Release Station, it doesn't show up in the list.

Jobs which exceed certain limits won't print. For example, if you tried to print more than the allowed number of copies of the document. Check the signs near the Print Release Station for these limits. Also, be sure you really are logged in as yourself - if you just sit down and work without logging in, your print jobs will be listed under another person's username and you cannot retrieve them.

From notes by Jon Beers, October 2009.

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