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Plasma Screens FAQs

What size should my image be?
Powerpoint slides, jpgs, gifs and posters should be in landscape format to best fit on the screen. The default size is 1024x768.

How do I submit something to be put up on the Plasma Screens in the COOP?

How do I submit something to be put up on the Plasma Screens in the Library? (Case/Geyer)

What format should my image be?
We can display jpg, gif, png, or pdf. However, png format seems to display the best on the screens.

Can I just send a PowerPoint Slide?
Yes! PowerPoint slides are automatically sized to our needs, and can be placed on the screens very quickly.

What information do I need on my slide?
Text should include the name of the event, time/date, location, a brief description (10-12 words), and a "for more information" contact number or email.

How long will my slide run?

For events, the slide will typically run until 11:59pm on the day of the event. For undated materials, the typically running time is 2 weeks. If you would like your content to be displayed longer, you will need to make a special request (nothing longer than a semester, please).

If my flyer is portrait-sized, what will happen to my image when it is on the Plasma Screens?
It will be automatically stretched or distorted in order to fit into the landscape-sized screens. We do not edit portrait flyers to re-orient them to landscape--the software automatically does this.

If I send an email to, where do they display?
They will be displayed on the COOP screens, if they are approved.

Do you edit the slides?
No. If there are errors in date, location, etc., you will need to send in a corrected slide for the screens. If there are spelling errors or missing information on the slide, the slide will be sent back to whomever sent it to request that the material be fixed. We do not reformat portrait-oriented slides to landscape before posting them to the screens.

What events can I put up on the Plasma Screens?

  • departmental and group promotional materials
  • sports and special event information, e.g. performances, lectures, etc.
  • student produced media, e.g., videos, artwork, etc.
  • important dates or academic deadlines

What can't I put on the Plasma Screens?

  • personal messages or items for sale
  • non Colgate-related material
  • offensive material

I want to talk to a person about the Plasma Screens in the Library--whom should I talk to?
General questions and event slides can be sent to Debbie Krahmer ( If you'd like to work with the library on a more in-depth slide series, you may be directed to contact Karen Johnston ( in the Library Administration office.

I need to sell my loft bed--can I put that on the Plasma Screens?

What's the deadline for getting things up on the Plasma Screens?
We prefer that you send it in as early as possible, 5-10 days before the event, to guarantee that it will be up in time for your event. Plasma Screens in Case/Geyer are typically updated twice a week. If you miss the deadline, you can still send it in, but we cannot guarantee that it will be up in time for your event.

Can I put up a video?
We can put up avis; however, Case/Geyer does not offer audio with the plasma screens. You will need to subtitle your work before submitting it. There is also extra time required to load an avi onto the plasma screens.

Can I watch tv on the plasma screen in the cafe?

Yes, but you will need to go through Karen Johnston in the library admin office to get it turned on and volume adjusted. Closed Captioning is not available at this time.

Based on the Plasma Screen Policy, approved 7/22/10.


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