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Special Collections and University Archives
Finding Aids

Manuscript and University Archives collections in Special Collections and University Archives are listed by collection number on this page. Additional finding aids and collection descriptions are added as they become available.

Collections are also listed in alphabetical order, by collection title, on an additional page.

  1. A0999     Colgate University photograph collection
  2. A1000     Buildings and Grounds collection
  3. A1001     Colgate University Board of Trustees records
  4. A1002     Colgate University President's Office records
  5. A1003     Colgate University Office of the Provost and Dean of the Faculty records
  6. A1004     Colgate University Dean of the College records
  7. A1008     Colgate University Office of Institutional Advancement records
  8. A1009     Colgate University Office of Communications records
  9. A1010     Baptist Education Society of the State of New York records
  10. A1011     Colgate University Commencement collection
  11. A1012     Colgate University class records
  12. A1014     Colgate University Student Oratorical and Essay Contests collection
  13. A1015     Everett Needham Case papers
  14. A1016     William H. Crawshaw papers
  15. A1017     Colgate Inn records
  16. A1019     Committee on the Post War College records
  17. A1020     Colgate University Department of Athletics records
  18. A1021     Colgate University Protest and Activism collection
  19. A1022     Adelphian Society records
  20. A1023     Aeonian Society records
  21. A1024     Hinton Summerfield Lloyd papers
  22. A1026     George H. Estabrooks papers
  23. A1027     Whitford family letters collection
  24. A1029     George W. Eaton papers
  25. A1031     Milkshed Committee collection
  26. A1032     Hamilton Theological Seminary letters
  27. A1033     Madison University letters
  28. A1034     Madison University student letters
  29. A1035     Seminary Church records
  30. A1037     Antonio Mangano papers
  31. A1038     Colgate University Directories
  32. A1039     Incunabulum
  33. A1040     J. Melbourne Shortliffe papers
  34. A1041     Russell Speirs papers
  35. A1042     Masque and Triangle records
  36. A1044     Fortnight of the Active Arts records
  37. A1045     Harold Orville Whitnall papers
  38. A1046     Charles Worthen Spencer papers
  39. A1047     Philetus B. Spear papers
  40. A1049     Colgate University Student Handbooks collection
  41. A1050     Alumni Catalogue records
  42. A1051     Festival of the Creative Arts records
  43. A1052     Going Co-ed Oral History Project records
  44. A1053     Colgate University Sports collection
  45. A1054     John James Lewis papers
  46. A1055     Hezekiah Harvey papers
  47. A1056     Taggart family papers
  48. A1058     George B. Cutten papers
  49. A1059     Judd family papers
  50. A1060     Conference on American Foreign Policy records
  51. A1061     Media collection
  52. A1062     Colgate University Department of Chemistry records
  53. A1064     Albert Perry Brigham papers
  54. A1065     Isaac K. Brownson papers
  55. A1066     Sylvester Burnham papers
  56. A1067     Ebenezer Dodge papers
  57. A1068     Newton Lloyd Andrews papers
  58. A1070     Jacob Fisk notebooks
  59. A1071     Charles Josiah Galpin papers
  60. A1072     George E. Eldred notebook
  61. A1073     Joel H. Greene notebooks
  62. A1074     Lucien M. Osborn lectures
  63. A1077     A Handbook of the Kachin or Jinghpaw Language
  64. A1078     Eastern Association records
  65. A1079     John Sharp Maginnis lecture notes
  66. A1083     Ernest Fox Nichols papers
  67. A1084     Colgate University University Council records
  68. A1085     The Colgate Banter
  69. A1086     Colgate University Department of Biology records
  70. A1087     Colgate University Department of Economics records
  71. A1088     All-University Council records
  72. A1090     Robert W. Moore essays
  73. A1091     WRCU records
  74. A1092     Colgate University Department of History records
  75. A1093     Colgate University Department of Sociology and Anthropology records
  76. A1094     Colgate University Chapel records
  77. A1095     Colgate University Department of Educational Studies records
  78. A1096     Colgate University Department of English records
  79. A1098     Colgate University Division of the Arts and Humanities records
  80. A1099     Colgate University Department of Music records
  81. A1100     Colgate University Core Curriculum records
  82. A1102     Colgate University Annual Report collection
  83. A1103     Colgate University Department of Art and Art History records
  84. A1104     Dana Arts Center bulletins
  85. A1105     Colgate University Division of University Studies records
  86. A1107     Colgate University Department of Computer Science records
  87. A1108     Colgate University Division of Social Sciences records
  88. A1109     Sloan Foundation records
  89. A1111     The Forum
  90. A1112     The Colgate Political Review
  91. A1113     Vortex
  92. A1114     Philobiblon
  93. A1116     Allegorical Athena
  94. A1117     The Society of Families
  95. A1118     The Colgate Journal of Philosophy
  96. A1119     Confluence
  97. A1120     Colgate This Week
  98. A1121     The Mage
  99. A1122     Face of the Sage
  100. A1123     Baker's Dozen
  101. A1124     Colgate Environmental Review
  102. A1125     Caliper
  103. A1126     Colgate University Shaw Wellness Institute records
  104. A1130     Colgate University Department of the Classics records
  105. A1131     Colgate University Department of Physics and Astronomy records
  106. A1132     Colgate University Department of Psychology records
  107. A1136     Colgate Founders collection
  108. A1137     Eliza Eaton diaries
  109. A1139     Colgate Christian Association records
  110. A1140     John B. Ketcham papers
  111. A1142     Eta Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa records
  112. A1144     Homer L. Dodge papers
  113. A1145     Colgate University faculty meeting minutes
  114. A1147     Dean's Advisory Council records
  115. A1159     Philomathesian Society records
  116. A1164     Founders' Day Convocation records
  117. A1168     Colgate Academy records
  118. A1169     The Colgate Review literary magazine
  119. A1170     Monthly Rag
  120. A1171     The Colgate International
  121. A1172     Women's Studies Program records
  122. A1174     Colgate Portfolio
  123. A1176     Colgate Economist
  124. A1193     Colgate Women's Club records
  125. A1194     Colgate University Promotional Material collection
  126. A1204     Athenaeum Society records
  127. A1206     Colgate University Junior Exhibition program collection
  128. A1217     Colgate University Wills, Bequests, and Scholarships collection
  129. A1219     Colgate University President's and Treasurer's reports
  130. A1222     Educational Policy Committee records
  131. A1225     Colgate University Academic Affairs Board records
  132. A1226     Colgate University Faculty Affairs Committee records
  133. A1229     Sesquicentennial Committee records
  134. A1231     Committee on the Residential College records
  135. A1235     Colgate University Peace and Conflict Studies Program records
  136. A1238     Committee on Independent Study and Honors records
  137. A1270     Curriculum Committee records
  138. A1275     CUTV records
  139. A1276     Charles Holbrow papers
  140. A1277     Society for Inquiry records
  141. A1278     Theological Lyceum of Madison University records
  142. A1279     Colgate University Students' Association records
  143. A1282     Colgate University faculty handbooks
  144. A1283     Colgate University alumni magazines
  145. A1284     The Colgate Review political journal
  146. A1285     A.H. Cole Colgate University photographs
  147. A1287     The Colgate Moron
  148. A1288     Salmagundi records
  149. A1289     Frederick Wallace Blakeslee Colgate University photograph album
  150. A1290     A.H. Wheeler Colgate University photographs
  151. A1291     Colgate University Ernest Hamlin Baker collection
  152. A1292     James W. Davis, Jr. letters
  153. A1293     Colgate University College Bowl collection
  154. A1294     Colgate University Moving Up Day records
  155. A1295     Konosioni Senior Honor Society records
  156. A1298     Colgate Little Theatre Group records
  157. A1299     Alpha Psi Omega records
  158. A1300     Colgate University Theater Program records
  159. A1301     Colgate Commons Club records
  160. A1302     Colgate University Concert Series records
  161. A1303     Colgate University Junior Promenade collection
  162. A1304     Colgate University Glee Club records
  163. A1305     Mu Pi Delta records
  164. A1306     Campus Serenaders records
  165. A1307     Isle O'Blues Orchestra records
  166. A1308     Colgate Vikings photographs
  167. A1309     Sacred Music Society records
  168. A1311     Philoponian Society records
  169. A1312     Sash Factory records
  170. A1313     Political Science Club of Colgate University records
  171. A1314     Physics Club of Colgate University records
  172. A1315     Biological Society of Colgate University records
  173. A1316     Colgate Natural History Society records
  174. A1317     Besmanbomara Literary Society records
  175. A1318     Chi Pi Mu records
  176. A1319     Office of the Chaplains records
  177. A1320     Alpha Theta chapter of Kappa Phi Kappa records
  178. A1321     Colgate Cosmopolitan Club records
  179. A1322     Colgate University Rod and Transit Club records
  180. A1323     Order of the Scarab of Colgate University records
  181. A1324     Colgate University Debate records
  182. A1325     Beta Delta Beta records
  183. A1326     Association of Colgate Independents records
  184. A1327     Colgate University Course Catalogs
  185. A1328     Pi Delta Epsilon records
  186. A1329     Theta Nu Epsilon records
  187. A1330     Colgate University German Club records
  188. A1331     Future Teachers of America records
  189. A1332     Maroon Raiders photographs
  190. A1333     Buffalo Club of Colgate University records
  191. A1334     Laurie Club of Colgate University records
  192. M0097     Miscellaneous Literary and Historical Manuscripts
  193. M0098     Leaves from Manuscript and Early Printed Books
  194. M2001     Orrin E. Dunlap, Jr. collection on radio and television history
  195. M2002     Maurice Hindus papers
  196. M2003     Daimon Richmond papers
  197. M2004     Elkanah Watson papers
  198. M2005     Fairchild family papers
  199. M2008     Migrant workers in Madison County and Central New York collection
  200. M2010     Thomas Ward Osborn papers
  201. M2014     Lawrence papers
  202. M2015     George B. Terry papers
  203. M2016     Phillip H. Fahrenholz papers
  204. M2017     George Edmands Merrill papers
  205. M2018     Joseph Frank McGregory letters
  206. M2019     Fortnightly Club (Hamilton, N.Y.) records
  207. M2020     Jonathan Goble papers
  208. M2021     Cigarette Advertising collection
  209. M2022     Madison Baptist Association minutes
  210. M2023     W. Sterling Cole papers
  211. M2024     Martin Ransohoff screenplays
  212. M2025     Chenango Canal collection
  213. M2027     York family papers
  214. M2028     Galutia York Civil War letters
  215. M2029     Payne family papers
  216. M2035     Hamilton Club records
  217. M2036     Senior Citizens Housing Project of Hamilton, New York records
  218. M2046     Hamilton history collection
  219. M2056     Maria C. Todd diary
  220. M2057     Peter E. McGuire and Joseph L. Kelly papers
  221. M2060     Colgate University Hamilton houses collection
  222. M2061     Colgate University Hamilton families collection
  223. M3001     Colgate University literary letters collection
  224. M3002     William Meredith letters
  225. M3003     Arthur Morrison letters
  226. M3004     Katherine Mansfield collection
  227. M3005     Emily Chubbuck Judson papers
  228. M3007     Edward Scott-Snell papers
  229. M3008     Ernest K. Gann papers
  230. M3010     Robert W. Chambers collection
  231. M4001     Presidential campaign material collection
  232. M4002     Presidential letters collection
  233. M4005     Otto Ege's Original Leaves from Famous Bibles
  234. M4006     Sheet Music collection
  235. M4007     French Political Cartoon collection
  236. M4010     William L. Boyle, Jr. collection on Warren G. Harding
  237. M4013     Andrew J. Russell photographs of the American Civil War

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