Special Collections and University Archives Finding Aids

Manuscript and University Archives collections in Special Collections and University Archives are listed alphabetically, by title of collection, on this page. Additional finding aids and collection descriptions are added as they become available.

Collections are also listed in collection number order on an additional page.


  1. Allegorical Athena
  2. Alumni Catalogue records
  3. Andrews, Newton Lloyd papers
  4. Art and Art History, Department of records
  5. Arts and Humanities, Division of records
  6. Athletics, Department of records
  7. Baker's Dozen
  8. Biology, Department of records
  9. Boyle, William L., Jr. collection on Warren G. Harding
  10. Brigham, Albert Perry papers
  11. Brownson, Isaac K. papers
  12. Buildings and Grounds collection
  13. Burnham, Sylvester papers
  14. Caliper
  15. Case, Everett Needham papers
  16. Chambers, Robert W. collection
  17. Chapel records
  18. Chemistry, Department of records
  19. Chenango Canal collection
  20. Classics, Department of the records
  21. Cole, W. Sterling papers
  22. The Colgate Banter
  23. Colgate Christian Association records
  24. Colgate Economist
  25. Colgate Founders collection
  26. Colgate Inn records
  27. Colgate This Week
  28. Colgate University Directories
  29. Colgate University class records
  30. Colgate University commencement files
  31. Colgate University Protest and Activism collection
  32. Colgate University Sports collection
  33. Colgate Women's Club records
  34. Committee on the Post-War College records
  35. Computer Science, Department of records
  36. Conference on American Foreign Policy records
  37. Confluence
  38. Core Curriculum records
  39. Crawshaw, William H. papers
  40. Cutten, George B. papers
  41. CUTV records
  42. Dana Arts Center bulletins
  43. Dramatics collection
  44. Departmental and Division records
  45. Directories Colgate University
  46. Dodge, Ebenezer papers
  47. Dodge, Homer L. papers
  48. Dunlap, Orrin E., Jr. collection on radio and television history
  49. Eaton, Eliza diaries
  50. Economics, Department of records
  51. Educational Studies, Department of records
  52. Ege, Otto Original Leaves from Famous Bibles
  53. Eldred, George E. notebook
  54. English, Department of records
  55. Environmental Review, Colgate


  1. Face of the Sage
  2. Fairchild family papers
  3. Festival of the Creative Arts records
  4. Fisk, Jacob notebooks
  5. Foreign Missionary Association and Eastern Association records
  6. The Forum
  7. French Political Cartoons collection
  8. Galpin, Charles Josiah papers
  9. Goble, Jonathan papers
  10. Going Co-ed Oral History Project records
  11. Greene, Joel H. notebooks
  12. Hamilton Theological Seminary letters
  13. A Handbook of the Kachin or Jinghpaw Language
  14. Harding, Warren G. William L. Boyle, Jr. collection on
  15. Harvey, Hezekiah papers
  16. Hindus, Maurice papers
  17. History, Department of records
  18. Holbrow, Charles papers
  19. Incunabulum
  20. Journal of Philosophy, Colgate
  21. Judd family papers
  22. Judson, Emily Chubbuck papers


  1. Kelly, Joseph L., and Peter E. McGuire papers
  2. Ketcham, John B. papers
  3. Leaves from Manuscript and Early Print Pages
  4. Lewis, John James papers
  5. Lloyd, Hinton Summerfield papers
  6. Madison Baptist Association minutes
  7. Madison University letters
  8. Madison University student letters
  9. Mangano, Antonio papers
  10. The Mage
  11. Maginnis, John Sharp lecture notes
  12. Mansfield, Katherine collection
  13. Manuscript and Early Print Pages Leaves from
  14. McGregory, Joseph Frank letters
  15. McGuire, Peter E., and Joseph L. Kelly papers
  16. Media collection
  17. Meredith, William letters
  18. Merrill, George Edmands papers
  19. Milkshed Committee collection
  20. Miscellaneous Literary and Historical Manuscripts
  21. The Monthly Rag
  22. Moore, Robert W. essays
  23. Morrison, Arthur letters
  24. Music, Department of records
  25. Nichols, Ernest Fox papers
  26. Oratorical and Essay Contests collection
  27. Osborn, Lucien M. lectures
  28. Osborn, Thomas Ward papers


  1. Payne family papers
  2. Peace and Conflict Studies Program records
  3. Philobiblon
  4. Philomathesian Society records
  5. Physics and Astronomy, Department of records
  6. Political Review, Colgate
  7. Presidential Campaign Material collection
  8. Presidential letters collection
  9. Psychology, Department of records
  10. Ransohoff, Martin screenplays
  11. Richmond, Daimon papers
  12. Robinson, Winfield W., railroad collection
  13. Russell, Andrew J. photographs of the American Civil War
  14. Scott-Snell, Edward papers
  15. Seminary Church records
  16. Shaw, George Bernard, Richard S. Weiner collection of
  17. Shaw Wellness Institute records
  18. Sheet Music collection
  19. Sloan Foundation records
  20. Social Sciences, Division of records
  21. The Society of Families
  22. Society for Inquiry records
  23. Sociology and Anthropology, Department of records
  24. Spear, Philetus B. papers
  25. Speirs, Russell papers
  26. Spencer, Charles Worthen papers
  27. Student Handbooks, Colgate University collection
  28. Student publications
  29. Students Association of Hamilton Literary and Theological Institution and Madison University records
  30. Taggart family papers
  31. Theological Lyceum of Madison University records
  32. Todd, Maria C. diary


  1. University Studies, Division of records
  2. Vortex
  3. Watson, Elkanah papers
  4. Weiner, Richard S., collection of George Bernard Shaw
  5. Whitford family letters collection
  6. Whitnall, Harold Orville papers
  7. Women's Club of Colgate records
  8. World War I posters collection
  9. World War II posters collection
  10. WRCU records
  11. York family papers
  12. York, Galutia Civil War letters
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