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Acqusitions Department

The mission of the Acquisitions Department is to acquire or facilitate access to materials which support the Colgate community. Materials will be acquired as promptly and as cost effectively as possible for both the Case and Cooley Libraries. The FastCat team is responsible for all ordering, and cataloging books which have Library of Congress records on OCLC. Selection of material, which is coordinated by the Head of Collection Development, is determined by collection development policy with priority being given to titles that support the curriculum of Colgate University. All members of the Colgate community are encouraged to suggest additions to the collection.Click here for information about acquisitions policies & procedures.

Contact Information:
Head of Collection Development : Emily Hutton-Hughes (315) 228-7308
Digital Resources Librarian: Mike Poulin (315) 228-7025
Acquisitions Supervisor and billing contact: Tami Watson (315) 228-7307
Media Acquisitions Coordinator: Rhonda Pancoe (315) 228-7858
Serials Department Main contact: Ian Woodward (315) 228-7306.
Case Library Fax number: (315) 228-7934
Shipping Address:
Case Library and Geyer Center for Information Technology
13 Oak Dr.
Hamilton, NY 13346 USA

Request items to be added to the collection (Colgate Community only please)

Database vendors : contact information, help desk etc.
Contact information: sales and technical support
Interlibrary Loan License restrictions
Sources for Acquiring Out Of Print Material
Alibris (good portal for very reputable out of print dealers)
UK Book world (links to British oop booksellers)
International league of Antiquarian Booksellers
Proquest Books on Demand 
In Print & Price Listing Resources /Ordering Materials Online

Note about status information:  "Readily available" means the book is in print and in stock.  "Available for order" means that the book is likely out of stock.  Remember to check the stock availability tab when you see this note. It is likely that the book will need to be obtained from Alibris.
Amazon Books (US)  Amazon Germany    Amazon France    Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble
AddAll : Book Search & Price Comparison
BestBook Buys (more comparison book shopping)
Book (comparison book shopping)
Price Compare or Search Online Bookstores by ISBN
US & Canadian, and UK Vendors Used Frequently
Gale Group
Lindsay and Croft (U.K. vendor)
Proquest Information & Learning , Dissertations
Yankee Book Peddler    and GOBI Direct
Worldwide Books (art publications)
Selected International Publishers, Bookseller's & Vendors
African Books Collective (French bookseller)
Bagchee Associates (India)
Casalini Libri (Italian vendor)
Grant & Cutler (British foreign language bookseller)
Harrasowitz (German vendor)
KKAgencies (India)
Latin American Book Store
Leer: libros en espanol (Latin America, Spain, Caribbean, Portugal)
Servilibros (Spanish vendor)
South Pacific Books LTD
Touzot (French bookseller)
World Bank
United Nations    UN Sales Publications        What's new page
Audiovisual links
CDNOW (music and videos)
Criterion Colelction
Facets Multimedia
Films for the Humanities and Sciences
Library Video Company
Midwest Tape
Microcinema International
DocuSeek Film and Video Finder
Women Make Movies: Film & video catalog
Serials Links used frequently
Ebsco Information Services  
National Archive Publishing Company

Some Acquisitions Facts
FY2005/2006 Number of books acquired: 12,391 vols.
Average price of an US published academic monograph incl. vendor discount: $47.58 (2005/2006)
Average price of a US periodical excluding Russian translations: $400 (2006)
Average price increase for a periodical subscription expected in 2007: 9.4%

Acquisitions Manual of operations

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