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Titles covered in Periodicals Archive Online Collections 1-6
listed by first date of coverage

Current Full Text coverage
Edinburgh Review  1802-1929 Humanities (General) English
American Antiquarian Society, Proceedings  1813-1995 History (The Americas) / Archaeology English
North American Review  1815-1939, 1964-1995 Literature / History (The Americas) / Humanities (General) English
Bentley's Miscellany  1837-1868 Literature English
Revue de philologie, de littérature et d'histoire anciennes  1845-1995 Ancient Civilisations / Linguistics/Philology / Literature French
Philologus  1846-1982, 1985-1995 only Linguistics/Philology / Ancient Civilisations German
Harper's  1850-1995 Humanities (General) English
RSA Journal  1852-1858, 1860-1910, 1912-1995 only Fine Arts / Applied Arts English
Mnemosyne  1852-1995 Linguistics/Philology / Ancient Civilisations English
Zeitschrift für wissenschaftliche Theologie  1858-1914 Religion/Theology German
RUSI Journal  1858-1966, 1968-1990 Humanities (General) English
Macmillan's Magazine  1859-1906 Humanities (General) English
Temple Bar  1860-1906 Humanities (General) English
Anthropological Review  1863-1870 Anthropology/Ethnology English
Hermes; Zeitschrift für klassische Philologie  1866-1960, 1962-1995 only Linguistics/Philology / Ancient Civilisations German
Contemporary Review  1866-1995 Humanities (General) / Literature English
Journal of Philology  1868-1920 Linguistics/Philology English
Journal of Social Science  1869-1876, 1878-1909 only Social Sciences (General) English
Academy and Literature  1869-1916 Literature English
Rivista di filologia e di istruzione classica  1873-1927, 1929-1931, 1950-2000 only Linguistics/Philology / Ancient Civilisations Italian
Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft  1881-1995 Religion/Theology German
Longman's Magazine  1882-1905 Humanities (General) / Literature English
Scottish Review  1882-1920 Humanities (General) English
Giornale storico della letteratura italiana  1883-1995 Literature Italian
Romanische Forschungen  1883-1995 Literature / Linguistics/Philology German
Nederlands archief voor kerkgeschiedenis/Dutch Review of Church History  1885-1995 Religion/Theology / History (General) Dutch
Lend a Hand  1886-1897 Social Affairs English
Gypsy Lore Society, Journal  1888-1995 Folklore / Anthropology/Ethnology English
Poet Lore  1889-1995 Literature English
T'oung pao  1890-1990 Area Studies - Asia French
Monist  1890-2000 Philosophy English
Charities Review  1891-1901 Social Affairs / Public Administration English
Journal of Genetic Psychology  1891-1995 Psychology English
Indogermanische Forschungen  1892-1995 Linguistics/Philology German
American Jewish History  1893-1995 Jewish Studies English
Philistine  1895-1915 Political Science English
Geographische Zeitschrift  1895-1995 Geography German
Economic Studies  1896-1899 Economics English
Brush and Pencil  1897-1907 Fine Arts English
Kant-Studien  1897-1907, 1909-1995 only Philosophy German
Orientalistische Literaturzeitung  1898-1990 only Linguistics/Philology / Literature German
Revue d'histoire moderne et contemporaine (1899-1914)  1899-1914 History (General) French
Arts Education Policy Review  1899-1995 Fine Arts English
International Quarterly  1900-1906 Political Science English
Revue d'histoire ecclésiastique  1900-1915, 1921-2000 Religion/Theology / History (General) French
Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft und die Kunde der älteren Kirche  1900-1995 Religion/Theology / History (General) German
Klio  1901-1921, 1926-1995 only History (General) / Ancient Civilisations German
Journal of Geography  1902-1995 Geography English
Rivista d'arte  1903-1990 Fine Arts Italian
Bibliographical Society of America, Papers  1904-1964, 1966-1995 only Library/Information Science English
British Psychological Society  1904-1995 Psychology English
Modern Language Review  1905-1995 Linguistics/Philology / Literature English
Religious Education  1906-1995 Religion/Theology English
Studies in Philology  1906-1995 Linguistics/Philology English
Classical World  1907-1996 Ancient Civilisations / Archaeology / Philosophy English
Annales révolutionnaires  1908-1923 History (General) French
Jahrbuch der Psychoanalyse  1909-1914 Psychology German
Glotta; Zeitschrift für griechische und lateinische Sprache  1909-1990 Ancient Civilisations / Linguistics/Philology Multilingual
Social Studies  1909-1995 Sociology / Education English
Journal of International Relations  1910-1922 Political Science English
Revue historique de la Révolution française  1910-1923 History (General) French
Town Planning Review  1910-1980, 1990 only Public Administration English
Islam  1910-1995 History (General) / Area Studies - Middle East German
Romanic Review  1910-1995 Linguistics/Philology / Literature English
Scandinavian Studies  1911-1995 Area Studies - Europe / Linguistics/Philology English
Texas Studies in Literature and Language  1911-1995 Literature English
Itálica (Madrid)  1912-1990 Ancient Civilisations Spanish
International Journal  1913-1933, 1940-1948, 1954-1968, 1972-1986, 1988-2000 only Political Science English
Art Bulletin  1913-1995 Fine Arts / Humanities (General) English
Current History and Forum  1914-1941 History (General) English
Management Review  1914-1995 Business/Management English
Revista de filología española  1914-1995 Linguistics/Philology Spanish
Catholic Historical Review  1915-1995 History (General) English
Neophilologus  1915-1995 Linguistics/Philology English
National Tax Journal  1916-1995 Economics / Law / Business/Management English
Unitarian Historical Society, Transactions  1916-1995 Religion/Theology / History (General) English
American Schools of Oriental Research, Annual  1919-1931, 1933-1972, 1976-1995 only. Ancient Civilisations English
Erkenntnis  1919-1995 Philosophy German
Social Science Quarterly  1920-1990 Social Sciences (General) English
Aegyptus  1920-1995 Ancient Civilisations Italian
Journal of Educational Research  1920-1995 Education English
New York History  1921-1990 only History (The Americas) English
Revue de littérature comparée  1921-1995 Literature French
Foreign Affairs  1922-1995 Political Science English
Philological Quarterly  1922-1995 Linguistics/Philology English
Slavonic and East European Review  1922-1995 History (General) / Area Studies - Europe English
Social Forces  1922-1996 Sociology English
Neue Zeitschrift für systematische Theologie und Religionsphilosophie  1923-1955, 1959-1995 Religion/Theology German
Bulletin of Hispanic Studies  1923-1995 Linguistics/Philology / Literature / Area Studies - Europe English
Deutsche Vierteljahrsschrift für Literaturwissenschaft und Geistesgeschichte  1923-1995 Literature / History (General) German
Europe  1923-1995 Humanities (General) French
Annales historiques de la Révolution française  1924-1927, 1929-1995 History (General) French
Italica  1924-1995 Linguistics/Philology / Literature English
Zeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik  1924-1995 Linguistics/Philology German
Archivo español de arte y arqueología  1925-1937 Fine Arts / Archaeology Spanish
Classical Bulletin  1925-1995 Linguistics/Philology / Ancient Civilisations English
Virginia Quarterly Review  1925-1995 Literature English
Actualité économique  1925-2000 Economics French
Business History Review  1926-1995 Business/Management / History (General) English
Germanic Review  1926-1995 Linguistics/Philology English
New Mexico Historical Review  1926-1995 History (The Americas) English
Accounting Review  1926-1995 only Business/Management / Economics English
Aevum  1927-1994 only Linguistics/Philology Italian
Agricultural History  1927-1995 Agriculture / History (General) English
Pacific Affairs  1927-1995 History (The Americas) / Humanities (General) English
Social Service Review  1927-1995 Social Affairs English
World Literature Today  1927-1995 Literature / Library/Information Science English
Africa  1928-1990 only Area Studies - Africa / Linguistics/Philology / Anthropology/Ethnology English
Anthropological Quarterly  1928-1995 Anthropology/Ethnology English
German Quarterly  1928-1995 Linguistics/Philology / Literature English
Journal of General Psychology  1928-1995 Psychology English
New England Quarterly  1928-1995 History (The Americas) English
Journal of Economics/Zeitschrift für Nazionalökonomie  1929-1990 Economics Multilingual
Contemporary Education  1929-1995 Education English
Human Biology  1929-1995 Anthropology/Ethnology English
Arctos; acta philologica fennica  1930-1931, 1958-1984, 1986-1995 Linguistics/Philology English
Expedition  1930-1933, 1937-1995 only Archaeology English
Year's Work in Modern Language Studies  1930-1994 Literature / Linguistics/Philology English
Journal of Social Psychology  1930-1995 Sociology / Psychology English
Oceania  1930-1995 Area Studies - Australasia English
Journal of Air Law and Commerce  1930-1996 Law / Business/Management English
Australian Journal of Anthropology  1931-1995 Anthropology/Ethnology English
Library Quarterly  1931-1995 Library/Information Science English
Leeds Studies in English  1932-1935, 1952, 1967-2000 Linguistics/Philology English
Archivum historicum Societatis Iesu  1932-1995 Religion/Theology / History (General) Italian
Church History  1932-1995 Religion/Theology / History (General) English
Journal of Experimental Education  1932-1995 Education English
Medium aevum  1932-1995 Linguistics/Philology / Literature English
Pacific Historical Review  1932-1995 History (The Americas) English
Sight and Sound  1932-1995 Performing Arts English
Al-Andalus  1933-1978 History (General) / Area Studies - Europe Spanish
Bulletin of the History of Medicine  1933-1995 History (General) English
Emerita  1933-1995 Linguistics/Philology Spanish
Hispanic Review  1933-1995 Linguistics/Philology English
University of Chicago Law Review  1933-1995 Law English
Monthly Film Bulletin  1934-1991 Performing Arts English
Revista hispánica moderna  1934-1995 Literature Spanish
Social Research  1934-1995 Social Sciences (General) English
Notes  1934-1996 Music English
Journal of Psychology  1935-1995 Psychology English
Association of Pacific Coast Geographers, Yearbook  1935-2000 Geography English
Journal of Marketing  1936-1995 Business/Management English
Synthèse  1936-1995 Philosophy English
Negro History Bulletin  1937-1987 only Black Studies / History (The Americas) English
Huntington Library Quarterly  1937-1994 Literature / Humanities (General) English
Études anglaises  1937-1995 Literature French
Journal of Military History  1937-1995 History (The Americas) / Public Administration English
Boletín de antropología americana  1937-2000 Anthropology/Ethnology Spanish
Commentary  1938-1995 Jewish Studies English
Historian  1938-1995 History (General) English
Social Security Bulletin  1938-1995 Social Affairs / Sociology English
Jewish Social Studies  1939-1988/1993 Jewish Studies English
American Imago  1939-1995 Psychology / Humanities (General) English
Review of Politics  1939-1995 Political Science English
Thomist  1939-1995 Philosophy / Religion/Theology English
Journal of Individual Psychology  1940-1981 only Psychology English
Archivo español de arqueología  1940-1995 Archaeology Spanish
Archivo español de arte  1940-1995 Fine Arts Spanish
Estudios geográficos  1940-1995 Geography Spanish
Hispania (Madrid)  1940-1995 History (General) Spanish
Revista de Indias  1940-1995 History (The Americas) Spanish
Sociology of Religion  1940-1995 Sociology / Religion/Theology English
Theological Studies  1940-1995 Religion/Theology English
American Journal of Psychoanalysis  1941-1995 Psychology English
Antioch Review  1941-1995 Literature English
Art Journal  1941-1995 Fine Arts English
Current History  1941-1995 History (General) / History (The Americas) English
Journal of Asian Studies  1941-1995 Area Studies - Asia English
Revista geográfica  1941-1995 Geography Spanish
Sefarad  1941-1995 Jewish Studies Spanish
Revista de filosofía  1942-1986 Philosophy Spanish
Explicator  1942-1995 Literature English
Music Journal  1943-1987 Music English
Colby Quarterly  1943-1995 Literature / Humanities (General) English
Revista internacional de sociología  1943-1995 Sociology / Social Affairs Spanish
Human Events  1944-1945, 1957-1990 only Political Science English
Anuario de estudios americanos  1944-1995 History (The Americas) Spanish
Revista de dialectología y tradiciones populares  1944-1995 Folklore / Linguistics/Philology Spanish
Arbor  1944-2000 Literature Spanish
Antike und Abendland  1945-1989, 1992-2000 Linguistics/Philology German
Athenaeum (Pavia, Italy)  1946-1947, 1951-1959, 1961-2000 only Ancient Civilisations Italian
Belfagor  1946-1980, 1983-2000 only Humanities (General) Italian
Anuario musical  1946-1995 Music Spanish
Chicago Review  1946-1995 Literature English
Population  1946-1995 Sociology French
Symposium  1946-1995 Linguistics/Philology / Literature English
Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung  1946-1995 Philosophy German
Sprachtypologie und Universalienforschung  1947-1987 only Linguistics/Philology German
Industrial and Labor Relations Review  1947-1995 Economics / Political Science English
Middle East Journal  1947-1995 Area Studies - Middle East English
Review of Metaphysics  1947-1995 Philosophy English
Vigiliae Christianae  1947-1995 Religion/Theology / Literature / History (General) English
Western Humanities Review  1947-1995 Humanities (General) English
Journal of International Affairs  1947-1996 Political Science English
Romance Philology  1947-1996 Linguistics/Philology / Literature English
Hispania sacra  1948-1963, 1965-1995 Religion/Theology Spanish
Carolina Quarterly  1948-1980, 1982-2001 History (The Americas) English
Quarterly Review of the Rural Economy  1948-1988 Agriculture / Economics English
American Musicological Society, Journal  1948-1995 Music English
Mississippi Quarterly  1948-1995 History (The Americas) English
Political Research Quarterly  1948-1995 Political Science English
Zeitschrift für Religions- und Geistesgeschichte  1948-1995 Religion/Theology / Philosophy German
Hudson Review  1948-1996 Literature English
Renascence  1948-1996 Humanities (General) / History (General) / Literature English
Journal of Legal Education  1948-2000 Law / Education English
Explorations in Economic History  1949-1958, 1963-1990 Economics / Business/Management English
Archives  1949-1994 Library/Information Science English
Caribbean Quarterly  1949-1995 History (The Americas) English
Comparative Literature  1949-1995 Literature English
Labor Law Journal  1949-1995 Law / Political Science English
Theatre Journal  1949-1995 Performing Arts / Education English
Lettere italiane  1949-2000 Literature Italian
Philosophischer Literaturanzeiger  1949-2000 Philosophy German
Rinascimento  1950-1990 History (General) / Philosophy Italian
American Society for Information Science, Journal  1950-1995 Library/Information Science English
IMF Staff Papers  1950-1995 Economics English
Philosophical Studies (Minneapolis)  1950-1995 Philosophy English
Journal of Folklore Research  1951-1961, 1964-1995 only Folklore English
History Today  1951-1995 History (General) English
Philosophy East and West  1951-1995 Philosophy English
Anales cervantinos  1951-1997 Literature Spanish
Critique  1952-1995 Literature English
Economic Development and Cultural Change  1952-1995 Economics / Sociology English
Revista de literatura  1952-1995 Literature Spanish
Journal of Transport History  1953-1966, 1971-1990, 1993-1999 only Public Administration / History (General) English
Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie  1953-1995 Philosophy German
Social and Economic Studies  1953-1995 Social Sciences (General) / Economics English
Geographica  1954-1986 Geography Spanish
Studi romani  1954-1994 only Ancient Civilisations / History (General) Italian
Arabica  1954-1995 Area Studies - Middle East / Religion/Theology French
Japan Quarterly  1954-1995 Area Studies - Asia English
Numen  1954-1995 Religion/Theology / History (General) Multilingual
Anthropologica  1955-1995 Anthropology/Ethnology English
Modern Fiction Studies  1955-1995 Literature English
Phronesis  1955-1995 Philosophy / Ancient Civilisations Multilingual
Renaissance Drama  1955-1995 Performing Arts English
Africa Report  1956-1995 Area Studies - Africa / Political Science English
Behavioral Science  1956-1995 Psychology / Social Sciences (General) English
Novum Testamentum  1956-1995 Religion/Theology Multilingual
Zeitschrift für Slawistik  1956-2000 Linguistics/Philology German
Northwest Review  1957-1993, 1995-1996, 1999-2000 only Literature English
American Behavioral Scientist  1957-1995 Psychology English
Asian Perspectives  1957-1995 Area Studies - Asia English
English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920  1957-1995 Literature English
Fabula  1957-1995 Folklore German
Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient  1957-1995 History (General) / Area Studies - Asia English
Literary Review  1957-1995 Literature English
Medical History  1957-1995 History (General) English
Modern Age  1957-1995 Humanities (General) English
Nottingham Medieval Studies  1957-1995 Humanities (General) / History (General) / Literature English
Philosophy Today  1957-1995 Philosophy English
Victorian Studies  1957-1995 Literature / History (General) / Humanities (General) English
Psychoanalytic Review (New York: 1963)  1958-1990 Psychology English
Acta classica  1958-1992 only Ancient Civilisations / Linguistics/Philology Multilingual
English Studies in Africa  1958-1995 Literature / Linguistics/Philology / Education English
Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies  1958-1995 Ancient Civilisations English
French Historical Studies  1958-1996 History (General) English
Language and Speech  1958-2000 Linguistics/Philology English
Criticism  1959-1995 Literature English
SAIS Review  1959-1995 Political Science English
Technology and Culture  1959-1995 History (General) English
Japanese Journal of Religious Studies  1960-1970, 1975-1995 only Religion/Theology English
Studi secenteschi  1960-1976, 1978-2000 only History (General) / Literature Italian
International Journal of Comparative Sociology  1960-1995 Sociology Multilingual
Revue française de sociologie  1960-1995 Sociology French
Sloan Management Review  1960-1995 Business/Management English
Sociological Quarterly  1960-1995 Sociology English
Structurist  1960-1995 Fine Arts / Architecture English
Trabajos de prehistoria  1960-1995 Ancient Civilisations / Archaeology Spanish
Welsh History Review/Cylchgrawn hanes Cymru  1960-2001 History (General) English
Iranica antiqua  1961-1991, 1993-1994 only Area Studies - Asia / Ancient Civilisations / History (General) Multilingual
Human Resource Management  1961-1995 Business/Management English
Ius canonicum  1961-1995 Law / Religion/Theology Spanish
Southeastern Geographer  1961-1995 Geography English
Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900  1961-1995 Literature English
Studies in Romanticism  1961-1995 Literature English
Cinema Journal  1961-1996 Performing Arts English
Columbia Journalism Review  1961-1996 Humanities (General) English
History of Religions  1961-1996 Religion/Theology English
Études de linguistique appliquée  1962-1963, 1966-1995 Linguistics/Philology French
History of Science  1962-1990 only History (General) English
Economic Inquiry  1962-1995 Economics English
Ethnology  1962-1995 Anthropology/Ethnology English
Journal of Memory and Language  1962-1995 Psychology English
Oceanic Linguistics  1962-1995 Linguistics/Philology English
Perspectives of New Music  1962-1995 Music English
Restoration and Eighteenth Century Theatre Research  1962-1995 Literature English
OECD Observer  1962-1996 Economics / Political Science English
Journal of the History of Philosophy  1963-1995 Philosophy English
Studies in Short Fiction  1963-1995 Literature English
Victorian Poetry  1963-1995 Literature English
Vivarium  1963-1995 Philosophy Multilingual
IRAL; International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching  1963-2000 Linguistics/Philology / Education German
Journal of Marketing Research  1964-1990 Business/Management English
Anuario de estudios medievales  1964-1995 History (General) Spanish
Finance and Development  1964-1995 Economics English
Great Plains Journal  1964-1995 only History (The Americas) English
Southern Journal of Philosophy  1964-2000 Philosophy English
Shakespeare Studies  1965-1988 only Literature / Performing Arts English
Charles S. Peirce Society, Transactions  1965-1995 Philosophy English
Current Musicology  1965-1995 Music English
Latin American Research Review  1965-1995 History (The Americas) English
Public Interest  1965-1995 Social Sciences (General) English
Review of Financial Economics  1965-1995 Business/Management / Economics English
Asian Affairs, an American Review  1965-1996 Area Studies - Asia English
Intercollegiate Review  1965-2000 Humanities (General) English
Studia celtica  1966-1970, 1972-1995 only Linguistics/Philology English
Journal of Asian and African Studies  1966-1990 Area Studies - Asia / Area Studies - Africa English
Libraries and Culture  1966-1994 Library/Information Science English
Adolescence  1966-1995 Psychology / Social Sciences (General) English
Apeiron  1966-1995 Ancient Civilisations / Philosophy English
Arcadia  1966-1995 Literature German
Canadian Journal of History/Annales canadiennes d'histoire  1966-1995 History (The Americas) English
Early American Literature  1966-1995 Literature English
Journal of Contemporary History  1966-1995 History (General) English
Law and Society Review  1966-1995 Law / Social Affairs English
Rivista italiana di musicologia  1966-1995 Music Italian
Journal of Developing Areas  1966-1999 Economics / Social Sciences (General) English
Tennyson Research Bulletin  1967-1979, 1981-1983, 1985-1986, 1988-2001 only Literature English
Comparative Drama  1967-1985, 1987-1995 only Performing Arts English
Studi di letteratura francese  1967-1990 Literature Italian
Journal of Popular Culture  1967-1991 Humanities (General) English
Colloquia germanica  1967-1995 Literature / Linguistics/Philology Multilingual
East European Quarterly  1967-1995 Area Studies - Europe / History (General) Multilingual
Foreign Language Annals  1967-1995 Linguistics/Philology English
Historical Methods  1967-1995 History (General) English
Journal of Economic Issues  1967-1995 Economics English
Journal of Religion in Africa  1967-1995 Religion/Theology / Area Studies - Africa English
Journal of Value Inquiry  1967-1995 Philosophy English
Mosaic  1967-1995 Literature English
OECD Economic Outlook  1967-1995 Economics English
Revista de estudios hispánicos  1967-1995 Literature / Humanities (General) English
Journal of Social History  1967-1996 History (General) / Social Affairs English
Journal of Consumer Affairs  1967-2000 Business/Management English
Anuario filosófico  1968-1995 Philosophy Spanish
Arethusa  1968-1995 Ancient Civilisations / Linguistics/Philology English
Botswana Notes and Records  1968-1995 Area Studies - Africa English
Central European History  1968-1995 History (General) English
Classical Antiquity  1968-1995 Ancient Civilisations / Linguistics/Philology English
Pensiero politico  1968-1995 Political Science Italian
Studies in the Literary Imagination  1968-1995 Literature English
Comparative Political Studies  1968-1996 Political Science English
Southern Literary Journal  1968-1996 Literature English
Canadian Ethnic Studies/Etudes ethniques au Canada  1969-1973, 1975-2000 only Anthropology/Ethnology English
Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society  1969-1991 Law / Performing Arts English
Environment and Behavior  1969-1995 Psychology English
Journal of Economic Education  1969-1995 Education / Economics English
New Literary History  1969-1995 Literature English
Studies in the Novel  1969-1995 Literature English
Youth and Society  1969-1996 Social Affairs English
Research in Education  1969-1999 only Education English
Iowa Review  1970-1982, 1985-1987, 1989-2000 only Literature English
Cuban Studies  1970-1989, 1992-1995 only History (The Americas) English
Journal of Arabic Literature  1970-1990 Literature / Area Studies - Middle East English
International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion  1970-1995 Religion/Theology / Philosophy English
Journal for the Study of Judaism in the Persian, Hellenistic and Roman Period  1970-1995 Jewish Studies English
Journal of Contemporary Asia  1970-1995 Area Studies - Asia English
Journal of Indian Philosophy  1970-1995 Philosophy English
Journal of Phenomenological Psychology  1970-1995 Philosophy English
Policy Sciences  1970-1995 Social Affairs / Public Administration / Sociology English
Social Theory and Practice  1970-1995 Social Sciences (General) / Philosophy English
Theory and Decision  1970-1995 Philosophy English
Viator  1970-1995 History (General) / Literature English
Wordsworth Circle  1970-1995 Literature English
Journal of Modern Literature  1970-1996 Literature English
Review of Black Political Economy  1970-1996 Black Studies / Economics English
Hemingway Review  1971-1991 only Literature English
Anuario de estudios americanos, sección historiografía y bibliografía; Suplemento  1971-1992 History (The Americas) Spanish
Zeitschrift für Literaturwissenschaft und Linguistik  1971-1994 only Literature / Linguistics/Philology German
Political Science Reviewer  1971-1994, 1996-2000 Political Science English
Canadian Journal of Philosophy  1971-1995 Philosophy English
Diacritics  1971-1995 Literature English
Film and History  1971-1995 Performing Arts English
Journal of Developing Societies  1971-1995 Area Studies - Asia English
Journal of European Studies  1971-1995 Area Studies - Europe English
Journal of Psycholinguistic Research  1971-1995 Psychology / Linguistics/Philology English
Philosophy of the Social Sciences  1971-1995 Social Sciences (General) / Philosophy English
Ploughshares  1971-1995 Humanities (General) English
Research in Phenomenology  1971-1995 Philosophy English
Yearbook of English Studies  1971-1995 Literature English
Clio  1971-2000 Literature / History (General) English
Journal of Narrative Theory  1971-2000 Literature English
Perspective (Washington, D.C.)  1972-1989 Political Science English
Rivista di storia contemporanea  1972-1990 History (General) Italian
Urban History Review/Revue d'histoire urbaine  1972-1991 History (The Americas) English
Critical Sociology  1972-1995 Sociology English
Feminist Studies  1972-1995 Women's Studies / Philosophy English
Journal of Family History  1972-1995 Sociology English
Journal of Philosophical Logic  1972-1995 Philosophy English
Policy Studies Journal  1972-1995 Social Sciences (General) English
Journal of Contemporary Ethnography  1972-1996 Anthropology/Ethnology / Sociology English
Journal of Popular Film and Television  1972-1996 Performing Arts / Humanities (General) English
Sign Language Studies  1972-1996, 2000 Linguistics/Philology English
Financial Management  1972-2000 Business/Management English
Women's Studies Quarterly  1972-2000 Women's Studies English
Teaching Political Science  1973-1989 Education / Political Science English
Journal of Ethnic Studies  1973-1992 Anthropology/Ethnology English
Literature Film Quarterly  1973-1993, 1995 only Literature / Performing Arts English
American Journal of Community Psychology  1973-1995 Psychology / Social Sciences (General) English
Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology  1973-1995 Psychology English
Poets and Writers Magazine  1973-1995 Literature English
Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science  1973-1995 Sociology English
Studies in American Fiction  1973-1995 Literature English
Zeitschrift für germanistische Linguistik  1973-1995 Linguistics/Philology German
Nineteenth Century Theatre  1973-2000 Performing Arts English
Velvet Light Trap  1973-2000 only Performing Arts English
Bilingual Review/Revista bilingüe  1974-1980, 1983-2000 only Linguistics/Philology / Education / Literature English
Journal of African Studies  1974-1988 Area Studies - Africa English
Archeologia medievale  1974-1995 Archaeology Italian
College Literature  1974-1995 Literature English
Critical Inquiry  1974-1995 Literature / Fine Arts English
Journal of Urban History  1974-1995 History (General) English
Persona y derecho  1974-1995 Law Spanish
Social Indicators Research  1974-1995 Psychology English
Southeast Asian Affairs  1974-1995 Political Science English
Altorientalische Forschungen  1974-2000 Ancient Civilisations / Area Studies - Middle East / Area Studies - Asia Multilingual
Irish Economic and Social History  1974-2000 History (General) / Economics / Social Affairs English
Policy Analysis  1975-1981 Public Administration / Political Science English
Canadian Journal of Philosophy; Supplementary Volume  1975-1990 Philosophy English
Framework  1975-1992 Performing Arts English
Alternatives  1975-1995 Political Science English
Journal of Community Health  1975-1995 Social Sciences (General) English
Journal of Historical Geography  1975-1995 Geography English
Literature and History  1975-1995 Literature / History (General) English
Revista de crítica literaria latinoamericana  1975-1995 Literature Spanish
Sex Roles  1975-1995 Social Sciences (General) / Women's Studies English
Signs  1975-1995 Women's Studies English
Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik  1976-1995 Linguistics/Philology / Literature German
French Forum  1976-1995 Literature English
Health and Social Work  1976-1995 Social Sciences (General) English
Philosophy and Literature  1976-1995 Philosophy / Literature English
Crime, Law and Social Change  1977-1995 Social Affairs / Public Administration English
Journal of Cultural Economics  1977-1995 Business/Management / Performing Arts English
Korean Studies  1977-1995 Area Studies - Asia English
Lion and the Unicorn  1977-1995 Literature English
Policy Review  1977-1995 Social Affairs / Economics English
Publishing History  1977-1995 History (General) English
Review of Higher Education  1977-1995 Education English
Revista española de documentación científica  1977-1995 Library/Information Science Spanish
Public Administration Quarterly  1977-2000 Public Administration English
Estudios sefardíes  1978-1979 Jewish Studies Spanish
Archaeoastronomy  1978-1993, 1999-2000 History (General) / Archaeology / Ancient Civilisations English
Analecta Malacitana  1978-1995 Linguistics/Philology Spanish
Biography  1978-1995 Literature English
Discourse  1978-1995 Literature English
Journal of Adolescence  1978-1995 Social Sciences (General) / Psychology English
New England Review  1978-1995 Literature English
Police Studies  1978-1995 Social Affairs English
Population and Environment  1978-1995 Geography English
Analyse und Kritik  1979-1995 Sociology German
Feminist Review  1979-1995 Women's Studies English
Henry James Review  1979-1995 Literature English
Human Rights Quarterly  1979-1995 Political Science / Social Sciences (General) English
Late Imperial China  1979-1995 History (General) / Area Studies - Asia English
Third World Planning Review  1979-1995 Public Administration English
Contemporary Southeast Asia  1979-86, 1988-1999 only Area Studies - Asia English
Al-Qantara  1980-1995 History (General) / Area Studies - Europe Spanish
Journal of Family Issues  1980-1995 Sociology English
Journal of Business Strategy  1980-2000 Business/Management English
International Bulletin of Missionary Research  1981-1990 only Religion/Theology English
Journal of American Ethnic History  1981-1995 History (The Americas) English
Journal of Early Christian Studies  1981-1995 Religion/Theology English
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management  1981-1995 Public Administration / Political Science English
Prooftexts  1981-1995 Jewish Studies / Literature / Religion/Theology English
Psychomusicology  1981-1995 Music English
Review of Contemporary Fiction  1981-1995 Literature English
Studies in American Jewish Literature  1981-1995 Jewish Studies / Literature English
Philosophical Topics  1981-2000 only Philosophy English
Criminal Justice Ethics  1982-1995 Law / Social Affairs / Philosophy English
Feministische Studien  1982-1995 Women's Studies German
Individual Psychology  1982-1995 Psychology English
Journal of Business Ethics  1982-1995 Business/Management / Philosophy English
Literature and Medicine  1982-1995 Literature English
Parliamentary History  1982-1995 Political Science / History (General) English
Population Research and Policy Review  1982-1995 Social Sciences (General) / Economics English
Journal of Modern Greek Studies  1983-1995 Linguistics/Philology / Area Studies - Europe English
Mediation Quarterly  1983-1995 Law English
Natural Language and Linguistic Theory  1983-1995 Linguistics/Philology English
Rhetorica  1983-1995 Literature / History (General) / Philosophy English
Music Perception  1983-1996 Music English
German History  1984-1995 History (General) English
Psychology and Marketing  1984-1995 Psychology / Business/Management English
Sage  1984-1995 Black Studies / Women's Studies English
ASEAN Economic Bulletin  1984-1996 Economics English
Portuguese Studies  1985-1995 Literature / Area Studies - Europe / Area Studies - Africa English
RILCE  1985-1995 Literature / Linguistics/Philology / Area Studies - Europe Spanish
Affilia  1986-1995 Women's Studies English
Critical Review (New York)  1986-1995 Philosophy / Political Science English
Seventeenth Century  1986-1995 History (General) English
American Visions  1986-1996 Black Studies English
Forum Modernes Theater  1986-2000 Performing Arts German
Film History  1987-1995 Performing Arts English
Yale Journal of Criticism  1987-1995 Literature English
Journal of Social Behavior and Personality  1987-2000 only Psychology / Social Sciences (General) / Sociology English
Method and Theory in the Study of Religion  1989-1990 Religion/Theology English
Journal of Regulatory Economics  1989-1995 Economics English
Journal of Women's History  1989-1995 Women's Studies / History (General) English
Isegoría  1990-1995 Philosophy Spanish
Perspectives on Political Science  1990-1995 Political Science English



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