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Historical and Regional Newspapers
with specific emphesis on titles held in Special Collections

NOTE: ALL MICROFILM IS AVAILABLE THROUGH LASR. Materials in Special Collections have limited hours and special regulations for use.

New York State Newspapers

Local historical and contemporary papers, not including newspapers with current subscriptions.

A list of periodicals and newspapers prior to 1800 available at Colgate University Libraries by first available date has been created.

Brookfield Courier
Case Microfilm: 1878-1935
Earlville Standard
Case Microfilm: 1893-1928 (1929-1940 paper copy in Special Collections; too fragile for use)

Chenango Valley News (Hamilton, NY)
Case Special Collections: v. 1-7, no. 8 (1989-1995)

Democratic Reflector
Case Special Collections: 1843-46; 1853-1856

Democratic Republican
Case Microfilm: 1863-1868;1871-1884
Case Special Collections: 1863-1877

Hamilton Boy Scouts: Be Prepared
Case Special Collections  May, 1918

Hamilton Citizen
Case Special Collections  July 28, 1939

Hamilton Courier
Case Special Collections: 1834-1837

Hamilton Eagle
Case Special Collections: 1839-1840

Hamilton Gazette
Case Special Collections  May 23, 1816 (Photocopy)

Hamilton Palladium
Case Special Collections 1839-1843

Hamilton Republican
Case Special Collections: 1887-1947
Case Microfilm: 1887-1902

Hamilton Sentinel
Case Special Collections: 1834

Hamilton Sentinel
Case Special Collections: 1890-1894

Hamilton Tribune
Case Special Collections:  v. 7 no. [9]-v. 192, no. 27 (May 3, 1995-July 3-13, 1999)

Democratic Volunteer (Hamilton and Morrisville) Case Special Collections: 1866-1878

Madison County Journal
Case Special Collections  1850-1852  Scattered issues

Madison Farmer
Case Special Collections  1828-1829  Scattered issues

Madison County
Madison County Eagle (Cazenovia)
Case Special Collections: 1841-1843

Madison County Leader (Morrisville) and Leader Observer (Morrisville)
Special Collections: 1891-1947
Case Microfilm:  18 April 1907-Dec. 1946

The Voice of Madison County
Case Special Collections  v.1, no. 1, 1960- v.1, no. 2, Oct 31, 1960

Independent Vounteer/Democratic Volunteer

Case Special Collections 1860-1888
Madison County Gazette
Case Special Collections  July 31, 1817 (Photocopy)

Madison Observer (Morrisville)
Case Special Collections: 1822-23, 1835

Oneida Indian Nation
Oneida Indian Nation : [newsletter]
Case Journals: v. 4, no. 4, v. 7, nos. 3-5, 7-8, v. 8, nos. 2-8, nos. 10-11, and special issue (6/96); (Apr. 1993-Dec. 1997)
Weekly Pioneer (Poolville)
Case Special Collections: 1879-1880
photocopies only
Syracuse Herald American
see Current Subscriptions/Post-Standard (Syracuse) for current paper issues Online: 1998--   available from Online
Waterville Times
Case Microfilm: 1857-1864
Special Collections also has scattered issues of the following local newspapers, most dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries: The Civilian, Common Sense, Democratic Union, Democratic Volunteer, The Midland New Yorker,  and The No-License Advocate

Other New York State Historical Newspapers

America's Historical Newspapers (Newsbank/Readex)
 contains many (though not all) of the microform titles listed below in a digital format plus many other titles
Constitutional Gazette (microfilm, on NY Chronicle reel)
Case Microfilm: 1775-1776
New York Journal
Case Microfilm: 1766-1776
Harper's Weekly
Case Special Collections: v. 1-62 (1857-1916)
Online:   1857-1865
New York Mercury
Case Microfilm: 1752-1768
Independent Journal
Case Microfilm: 1783-1788
New York Tribune
Case Microfilm 1859-1870
New York Chronicle
Case Microfilm: 1775-1776
New York Weekly Journal
Case Microfilm: 1733-1768
New York Evening Post
Case Microfilm  1875-1920
New York Times
Case Circulation Desk: current issues only
Case Microfilm:  1851-
New York Gazette
Case Microfilm: 1759-1767
Rivington's Royal Gazette
Case Microprint  1773-1783
New York Herald
Case Microfilm 1857-1868
Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online


U.S. Regional /National Historical papers/No current subscription

Colonial/Revolution/Early Republic

America's Historical Newspapers (Newsbank/Readex)
 contains many (though not all) of the microform titles listed below in a digital format plus many other titles
Alexandria Herald (Virginia)
 Case Special Collections 1826  
Pennsylvania Evening Post
Case Microfilm  1775-1784  
Boston Chronicle
Case Microprint  1767-1770  
Pennsylvania Gazette
Case Microfilm  1728-1815  
Boston Gazette 1774
Special Collections  
Pennsylvania Gazette (Philadelphia)
Case Special Collections (1802-1803)  
Boston News-Letter
Case Microprint  1704-1776  
Pennsylvania Packet
Case Microfilm  1771-1790  
Case Microprint 1771-1772  
Political and Social Register (Philadelphia)
Case Special Collections 1800-1803  
Columbian Sentinel (Boston)
Case Special Collections 1797  
Poulson's Advertiser (Phiadelphia) 
Case Special Collections 1800-1804  
Essex Gazette & New England Chronicle
Case Microfilm:  1775-1776  
Trenton Federalist (Trenton, NJ)
Case Special Collections 1800-1802  
Essex Journal
Case Microfilm  1773-1777  
Virginia Gazette
Case Microfilm  1731-1735  
Massachusetts Spy
Case Microprint 1770-1775  
Weekly Rehearsal (Boston)
Case Microprint 1731-1735  
Historic Missouri Newspaper Project
Online digital project includes
Columbian Missourian
The Missouri Republican
St. Louis Christian Advocate
St. Louis Globe Democrat
Daily Evening Herald
The Far West
Liberty Weekly Tribune
Liberty Banner
The Independent
Hannibal Courier

Northern New York Historical Newspapers Online

Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post, 1917-1971

Akwesasne Indian Time, 1982-2002
Canton Commercial Advertiser, 1900-1952

Elizabethtown Post, 1882-1920

Fulton Patriot, 1916-1954

Lowville Journal & Republican, 1900-1940

Malone Farmer, 1900-1936
Malone Franklin Gazette, 1876-1899

Plattsburgh Republican, 1811-1820

Potsdam Herald-Recorder, 1906-1951

Potsdam St. Lawrence Herald, 1897-1904

Saranac Lake Adirondack Daily Enterprise, 1952-1961

Ticonderoga Sentinel, 1874-1950

Pennsylvania Chronicle
Case Microfilm 1767-1774  

Civil War Era Papers

America's Historical Newspapers (Newsbank/Readex)
 contains some (though not all) of the microform titles listed below in a digital format plus many other titles - it also contains content from many other cities and regions for this time period
Baltimore Sun
Case Microfilm 1857-1868  
Boston Daily Advertiser
Case Microfilm 1860-1868  


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