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Creating A RefWorks Database: Importing Data from Saved Text Files


References can be imported into RefWorks from a text file by saving the references and then using the IMPORT feature in RefWorks. To make it easy to find the file, you may want to save it on the Desktop.

1. Perform a search in Pubmed. Check the boxes next to desired citations and Send To: clipboard.

Mark citations in PubMed

2. Go to Clipboard: xx items when you finish searching.

Go to clipboard

3. Select and send citations to a text file.

send citations to a text file  

4. Note file name and the location where the file is being saved.

save citations

To import downloaded citations into RefWorks:

In the RefWorks drop-down menu: References --> Import

  1. Import Filter/Data Source: NLM PubMed

  2. Database: PubMed

  3. Folder: (this dropdown menu is optional

"Import Data from the folloing Text File" pubmed_result.txt (Browse...)

Click on the Import button


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