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Off Campus Access

Most, but not all of the digital resources, which the Library subscribes to are available from off-campus for current students, faculty and staff. Reciprocal, alumni, and visiting borrowers are not allowed to use subscription resources from off campus due to licensing restrictions but can use most of the resources by coming to the Libraries.

The most critical aspect for success is to follow the links from the library homepage to the resources. Searching for a database or journal via Google, Yahoo, etc, will not generally work for subscription resources.

Users who access campus resources via VPN (the Virtual Private Network at bottom of the page) should be not be prompted for an additional login. Other users will use the Proxy access method described below. Browsers will need to be properly configured for access in either case.

Assuming that the Browser is correctly configured and the associated programs installed (see below), following the links from the library page should result in being presented with a Login Screen. If a login screen is not presented, the most common cause is not having cookies enabled (accepted).

WAM Login Screen

Some special characters that you might use in your network password may not be accepted to log. Known characters which do not work include : < > [ ] . Known characters which do work include ! - . If you use a character that does not work - then your last name and barcode will work. If neitehr work - see below.

Once the username and password have been accepted, you should have access. If there is no access, check the browser configuration below and check that your virus protection or other security software has not overruled the settings in the browser (on occation, the security software will not allow cookies to be accepted unless the setting is modified). If there is no success after checking the settings, contact Mike Poulin, Digital Resources Librarian, (315-228-7025) for assistance.

Browsers supported

Internet Explorer 8.0, and Mozilla Firefox 9.0+ are the primary browsers which are used for testing the content of the library web site. It is recommended that users select one of these browsers.

The AOL, Earthlink, MSN, etc provided browsers are likely not to work because of restricted functionality. Safari on the Macintosh does not work with all the resources. Macintosh users are encouraged to download Firefox as an alternative browser.

Browser Configuration

The most common problems encountered when using the library web site and its resources are caused by excessively securing the browser so required functionality is eliminated.

Setup the browser following options:

  • JavaScript is enabled
  • Java is enabled for certain products (e.g. ArtStor)
  • Accept cookies (while it is possible to have the browser prompt the user if they want to accept a specific cookie, this is not the recommended setting and might lead to unexpected denial of service)
  • PopUP blockers are turned off
  • Recommended screen size is 1024 x 860 ( 800 x 600 is the minimum size)

Associated Programs

A number of associated programs might need to be installed to allow access to all the content

  • Get Adobe Reader (formerly called Adobe Acrobat Reader) - ver 9 + preferred (Adobe Acrobat Reader X has shown problems accessing content so is not recommended)
  • Get the Macromedia Flash Player - ver. 8 + preferred

Web of Knowledge, Web of Science, Biological Abstracts

These resources from ISI frequently will work fine via Proxy - as described above. There have been some reported occations when they do not. If that happens, use VPN to connect.


ArtStor has its own special requirements which vary depending on the functions used.

  • JAVA is required
  • Flash Player must be installed
  • Pop-ups must be allowed
  • Cookies must be enabled

Remote access requires use of the Colgate University VPN and the use of a high-speed connection. Proxy access and dial-up ISP's will not work when accessing this resource from off-campus.

Instructors have additional requirements. They should contact Mike Poulin (Digital Resources Librarian) to be activated as an instructor. Instructors must also have administrative permissions on their computer to install and use the the OIV (Offline Image Viewer). The OIV download is found as an option under TOOLS on the top banner of ArtStor once logged in.

Books 24x7

Users of Books 24x7 must register to create a personal account to use these e-books. The registation must be performed ON CAMPUS.

  • You must give a colgate university email address ( to register.
  • Your email address will be your username.
  • Once registered, an email will be sent to you containing a randomly created password, it is recommended that you change the password. Use the tab at the top of the screen marked SETTINGS and follow the Change Password link below the UserName.

PopUps are a critical part of this site. They must be enabled.

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