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How do I find journals and newspapers in the library?

1. How do I tell what journals the library owns or provides access to?
2. How do I locate a print journal that used to be in Case library and request the item from LASR?
3. How do I locate a journal in the sciences?
4. I need an article from a journal which the libraries do not have. What do I do?
5.   How do I find a newspaper?

Do the Colgate Libraries subscribe to this journal or provide access through a full text database?

Check the title of the journal on  JOURNAL FINDER to find out what we own in print and what full text might be available electronically in the databases the library subscribes to.  Each database provider or vendor  negotiates the rights to certain years of a journal  so you need to pay attention to the details.  In the example below note that there is a deep back file of full text available on JSTOR but that content stops with December 2001.  If you were looking for an issue published in 2004 you could click on the links for the other four databases mentioned to arrive at the full text.

Journal Finder display

In some cases there is no electronic full text available.  This may be because we cannot afford access, the license restrictions are too onerous, or an electronic edition may simply not be available yet.  At any rate if you see a link to the Colgate Libraries  print journal collections, click on that link to find out where the journal is located and what years we own of it.

How do i find a print subscription that used to be in Case Library?

Here is another example from Journal Finder.  In this case no electronic text is available.

Indian literature  (0019-5804)   Look up Article  More full text options

in Colgate Libraries Case print journal collection (available in LASR)
in Current Periodicals in Cooley

Clicking on the first link brings you to a entry which tell you that we own all issues from volume 9 (1966) except volume 14 number 4.  If you click on "Latest received" you can find out exactly when we checked in an issue and other important information such as whether something has been sent to the bindery or if a current issue has gone missing. Current issues of humanities and social science journals are located in the Science Library while the Case Library is being renovated. 

If you are looking for an older issue, either scroll down the itemized display until you find the volume you want or use the search box at the bottom of the entry to find the specific volume.  The volume you want may be on the next page of the display. In the example below only volumes 1966 through 1976 are shown on the first page, but you can see the full display of all volumes by clicking on the bar that says "view additional copies".  Find the entry that refers to the volume and issue you need and click the box that says "Request this item". Once you fill in the requested information and submit the request the volume will be retrieved from the Library's automated storage and retrieval system (LASR). Retrieval may take up to an hour. Students can pick up LASR requests from the Circulation desk in James C. Colgate Hall (Student Union). Faculty can request delivery of journal volumes direct to their office. Check out time is one day.


Title Indian literature
Imprint New Delhi, Sahitya Akademi
Lib. has v. 9- (1966- ) bar v.14:4

Location CASE Journals 
Latest Received: March-April 2005 v.49 no.2

  LASR Periodicals ASRS Request    v.9 (1966)      AVAILABLE
  LASR Periodicals ASRS Request    v.10 (1967)      AVAILABLE
  LASR Periodicals ASRS Request    v.11 (1968)      AVAILABLE
  LASR Periodicals ASRS Request    v.12 (1969)      AVAILABLE
  LASR Periodicals ASRS Request    v.13 (1970)      AVAILABLE
  LASR Periodicals ASRS Request    v.14 (1971)  lacks no.4   AVAILABLE
  LASR Periodicals ASRS Request    v.15-16 (1972-73)      AVAILABLE
  LASR Periodicals ASRS Request    v.17-18 (1974-75)      AVAILABLE
  LASR Periodicals ASRS Request    v.19 (1976)      AVAILABLE
  LASR Periodicals ASRS Request    v.20 (1977)      AVAILABLE

How do I locate a journal in the sciences?

Many science journals are also available electronically so you should always check JOURNAL FINDER.  If you need to locate a print issue you must go to the George R. Cooley Science Library where journals are located on the first and second floors.  They are arranged by call number on open shelves.

How do I find a newspaper?

A variety of newspapers are available in the newspaper carrel in the Hall of Presidents.  Some newspapers and other news sources are also available online. See Newspapers. Individual newspapers are listed in Journal Finder by title.

I need an article from a journal which the Colgate Libraries don't have . What do I do?

If you need an article from a journal we do not own, the libraries can obtain a copy of the article from another library or a document delivery service using the Interlibrary Loan system.  This usually takes from 7 to 10 days. Use MyInterlibraryLoan to place a request.

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