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Foreign Governments

Lists of sites

Foreign Governments
List of links maintained by the American Library Association GODORT International Documents Task Force (IDTF).

Governments on the WWW
Lists of links to government web sites and multi-national organizations. Maintained by Gunnar Anzinger in association with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EEF).

C-Span Legislatures around the World
Links to legislative bodies homepage and streaming, when available.

Center for Research Libraries Official Gazettes

Center for Research Libraries catalog
Includes numerous foreign government publications


Individual countries

English language portal

Center for Research Libraries Brazilian government documents

Canadian Government Information on the Internet

Custom Google search of Canadian documents

Official government homepage Government Info
Maintained by University of British Columbia, contains about 1400 links to documents and websites for Canadian government, all jurisdictions.

Federal bill texts and legislative histories of bills from 2001 to the present

Federal Publication Location
Maintained by National Library of Canada and Communication Canada, this is a searchable database of Canadian government publications.

China, People's Republic of (in Chinese)

China, Republic (Taiwan) Government Information Office

Colombia (in Spanish)

Dominican Republic (in Spanish)

Ethiopia  Ministry of Information

France (French) List of sites with English content

Haiti (Embassy in D.C.)

India India Image Maintained by the National Informatic Center.



Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (North)

Korea, Republic of (South)

Liberia Ministry of Information

Mozambique (in Portuguese)

Netherlands (in English)


Peru  List of links (in Spanish)

Russian Federation (In Russian)

South Africa
South African Government Information
Official portal, designed to be the entry point for official South African government and realted information. Of particular interest are the Documents section (the constitution, parliamtentary documents, white papers, and docs for public comment, etc.) and the Speeches and Statements section.
This privately-owned website is operated and maintained by Creamer Media, with emphasis on South African policy, law, economics, and politics.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Transcripts of hearings and full text of documents. Colgate owns a paper copy of the report.

Spain (in English)

Tibet Government of Tibet in exile

United Kingdom
U.K. Official Publications on the Internet
This site makes available the full text of selected official publications of the United Kingdom. Publications are arranged by date, title, government department, or broad "subject" category.

Downing Street Says
Twice a day (when Parliament is in session) a select coterie of political journalists is briefed by the Prime Minister's Official Spokesmen, and then they are allowed to ask brief questions. This site brings together these official statements and the queries (and responses) brought up by the political journalists who attend these briefings at 10 Downing Street. The site was started in February 2004. (Scout Report 3/26/04).


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