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Text  (Call number Y 1.4/ )
    Center for Research Libraries 1st-72nd congress (1789-1933)
        Micro; must be borrowed
   Center for Research Libraries 85th-89th congress (1957-1965)
       Paper; must be borrowed
    Case MFiche Docs  96th-106th congress (1979-2000)
    FDsys  103rd congress (1993)--
    Thomas  101st congress (1989)--
    ProQuest Congressional  101st congress (1989)--

Bill tracking & summaries
    Digest of Public General Bills & Resolutions
        Case Ref Document LC 14.6:
        74th congress 2nd session--101st congress (1936--1990)
    Thomas  93rd congress (1973)--
    ProQuest Congressional  101st congress (1989)--
        selected legislative histories
    U.S. Federal Legislative Histories (Hein Online)
        selected legislative histories

House & Senate Calendars

House Calendar (Y 1.2/2: )
    Case Ref Document:  75th (1937-38), 94th congresses (1975-76)--
    FDsys  104th congress (1995)--

Senate Calendar (Y 1.3/3: )
    Case MFiche Docs:  latest congress only
    FDsys   104th congress (1995)--

Congressional Record (1874-- ) and precursors Congressional Globe (1833--1873), Register of Debates in Congress (1824--1837), Annals of Congress (1789--1824)

Indexes (including History of Bills & Resolutions) and Daily Digest
    Case Ref Document X 1.1:
    ProQuest Congressional Record Digital (1789-1997)
    A Century of Lawmaking (1789-1873)
    FDsys  (1983)--
    Thomas  (Nov. 1989)--

Permanent ed.
    LASR Gov't Docs:
        1st--66th congresses (1789--1986)
            Call number X: , X 1. , X 1.0: , X 1.1:
    Case Microfiche Document:
        99th congress (1985--1986)
            Call number X 99
        100th congress (1987--1988)
            Call number X 100
        101st congress (1989)--
            Call number X 1.1:
    ProQuest Congressional Record Digital (1789-1997)
    Century of Lawmaking  Annals of Congress
        (1789-1824) minutes of proceedings, not debates
    Century of Lawmaking  Register of Debates
        (1824-183) summary of "leading debates and incidents"
    Century of Lawmaking  Congressional Globe
        (1833-73) summary until 1851, then "approaching verbatim"
    FDsys Congressional Record

Daily ed.(paper)
    Case Ref Document X 1.1/A: (retained until Permanent ed.
        arrives on microfiche)
    ProQuest Congressional  (1985)--
    Thomas (1989)--
    FDsys (1994)--

House & Senate Journals

House Journal
    Case Ref Document XJH:  current congress
    LASR Gov't Document: 83rd congress (1953)--
    Case Microfiche Document 96th congress 2nd session--99th congress
    Century of Lawmaking :(1789-1875)
    FDsys (1991-98)

Senate Journal
    Case Ref document XJS:  current congress
    LASR Gov't Document:  834d congress (1953)--
    Case Microfiche Document 97th congress second session--99th congress
    Century of Lawmaking (1789-1875)
    Senator MacCauly's Journal (unofficial)  (1789-1791)

Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate (Y 1.3/4: )
    Case Ref document Y 1.3/4:  current congress
    LASR Gov't Document:  1st congress --
    Century of Lawmaking (1789-1875)

Committee Calendars

Case Documents   (varies)
FDsys  varies
ProQuest Congressional  (1996)--
Library of Congress  current congress only

Committee Rules

Case Documents 100th congress (1987)--
    Some volumes shelved in Case Docs Pamphlets
Library of Congress (current congress only)
FDsys varies
ProQuest Congressional (current congress only)

Committee Hearings and Prints

Case Documents
    1933--1980; 73rd--96th congresses
    1987--1988; 100th congress (titles not on microfiche)
    1989--2005; 101st--107th congresses
Case Microfiche Documents
    1979---1980; 96th congress (appropriations hearings only)
    1981--1986; 97th--99th congresses
    1987--1988; 100th congress (selected titles only)
FDsys  1997-- ; selected hearings
FDsys  1997-- ; selected prints
Thomas  1997--  selected House hearings
ProQuest Congressional 
        1988-- ; prepared testimony of hearings only, not complete text
        1993-- ; selected prints

ProQuest Congressional  1789--

U.S. Congressional Serial Set and precursor American State Paper
    House and Senate documents and reports

Permanent ed.
    Case MFiche Documents Y 1.1/2:
        American State Papers--v.4555; 1st-57th congresses
    LASR Special Collections
        American State papers --v.5214; 1st--59th congresses
    LASR Gov't Document
        v.5217; 60th congress--
    FDsys  House & Senate documents 1985-- ; 99th congress--
    FDsys  House & Senate reports 1995-- ; 104th congress--
    ProQuest Congressional  House & Senate documents 1995--
    ProQuest Congressional  House & Senate reports 1990--
    Thomas reports only  1995-- ; 104th congress--

Slip ed.
    Case Documents Y 1.1/3:-- Y 1.1/8:
        retained until bound as part of the Serial Set and then LASR

   ProQuest Congressional
      for volumes published after 1969 use together with below to get
      Serial Set voume number:
   Numerical lists of documents and reports 85th congress (1957)--
   Numerical lists and schedule of volumes of the reports and documents ...
     Case Ref Documents Z1223 .A15  73rd-96th congress (1933/34-1980)


Statutes at Large (bound chronologically)
    LASR Gov't Document AE 2.111:  1st congress (1789)--
    Century of Lawmaking  1st--42nd congresses (1789--1873)
    FDsys 1951-2002
    FDsys 2003-2007
    Thomas  104th congress (1995)--

Slip laws (superseded by Statutes at Large)
    FDsys 104th congress (1995)--

United States Code (codified by subject)
    Case Ref Documents Y 1.2/5:  most recent ed.
FDsys  1994---
    ProQuest Congressional  most recent ed.
    LexisNexis Academic  most recent ed.



Presidential signing statements
    American Presidency Project 1929-    

Compilation of Presidential Documents (weekly through 2008; daily beginning in 2009)
    FDsys 1993--
    also see Journal Finder

Public Papers of the President (Hoover, Truman-- )
    Case Ref Documents AE 2.114:   
    American Presidency Project
    FDsys George H.W. Bush--

Compilations of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents
    Case Ref Document AE 2.113:
    LASR Main 353.03 Un31

Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders, 1945-89
    Case Ref Document AE 2.114:

Presidential Vetoes
    Case Ref Document Y 1789--2000
    Thomas  1973--
            Once connected, select Bill Summary and Status
            and desired congress



Federal Register
FDsys  1994--
 ProQuest Congressional  1980--
 LexisNexis Academic  1980--

Code of Federal Regulations 
Case Ref Document AE 2.106/3:  current year only
FDsys  1996--
ProQuest Congressional  1981--
LexisNexis Academic  latest edition only

Regulatory Programs of the United States Government 
Case Document PREX 2.30:  1985-92
Case Microfiche Document PREX 2.30:  1992-93



United States Reports 
LASR Gov't Docs JU 6.8:
Other sources

Briefs submitted by the parties (Supreme Court)
Landmark briefs and arguments of the Supreme Court of the United States
    Case Main KF101.9 .L36
Other Sources

Oral arguments
Supreme Court 2000-
Oyez varies


Colonial/Continental Congress                 

Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States 1783-1789
Case Ref Document  Z 2.3/1:

Revolutionary Diplomatic Correspondence 1775-1785
Case Ref Document Z 2.4:

Journals of the Continental Congress 1774-1789
Case Ref Document Z 2.7/4:

Secret Journals of the Continental Congress 1774-1788
LASR Special Collections Z 2.8:
Century of Lawmaking

Papers of the Continental Congress 1774-1789
LASR Microfilm Research J10.A1 U65 1958
Index in Media Listening/Viewing Area

Debates in the Several State Conventions on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution
LASR Main 342.73 El4

Records of the Federal Convention of 1787 (Farrand's Records)
Case Main KF4510.U547
Century of Lawmaking


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