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Contact Information

Anna Nicholls (Faculty)
Cataloger (Part-time)
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Lynne Derhammer
Paraprofessional Cataloger
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Adger Williams
Cataloging Manager
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Jane Donlin
Paraprofessional Cataloger
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The mission of the Cataloging Department is to provide access to all types of library resources in a timely manner. Intellectual access is accomplished by creating bibliographic records which include accurate descriptions of materials, in accordance with national and international standards, and which provide all necessary index points and the authority control associated with them. Physical access is accomplished by assigning accurate classification numbers to facilitate browsing, and by providing a complete and accurate record of piece-level holdings information.

Access to library materials is enhanced by making access to and use of the catalog easier. Ease of access is accomplished by moving the online catalog to platforms which are more widely accessible and which impose the fewest hardware constraints. Ease of use is accomplished by providing a full and enriched cross-reference structure, clear help or explanatory screens, and instruction in effective use of the catalog.

The Cataloging Department subscribes to Cutter's objectives of the library catalog.

  • To enable a person to find a book [or other resource] of which either the author, the title, or the subject is known;
  • To show what the library has by a given author, on a given subject, or in a given kind of literature;
  • To assist in the choice of a book [or other resource] as to its edition (bibliographically) or as to its character (literary or topical); and
  • To save the time of the user.


Cataloging Resources

CatsMeow - Manual/Procedures/Policies

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