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ALiNUS Selection Criteria

Academic Library Newsletters in the United States
Updated June 8, 2012

Four key criteria were used to select the library newsletters in the original ALiNUS directory. We are trying to adhere as far as possible to these in the data-mined ALiNUS 2.0 version. These criteria require that the publication:

  • was written by academic library staff in the United States
    • In the current ALiNUS 2.0, we require that a publication be linked on an academic institution's domain. When we are able to obtain a seed list of library websites, we will narrow that to linking from the library web site.
  • contains sustained narrative content rather than mere lists.
    • This criterion is not required in ALiNUS 2.0.
  • date of its most recent issue is no earlier than January 2004.
  • is part of a continuing series and identified by date and/or volume number.
    • We will implement date identification and limits in the near future, in ALiNUS 2.0.1.

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