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Colgate University Library is not responsible for items left behind by patrons of the library, but the Library would like to provide a convenient mechanism for assisting in the return of items to the owner. The Library Lost and Found Policy establishes a procedure regarding the handling and return of items found in the library, the disposition of unclaimed items, and a mechanism to track items reported lost.

  1. All personal items found in Case Library should be turned in to the Circulation Desk. Misappropriation of such items may be treated as theft and may be reported to Campus Safety.
  2. Staff will record the date that an item is turned in and note anything of value with the item. These notes remain with the item.
  3. A staff member will make every attempt to contact the owner if there is sufficient identification with the item.
  4. All lost items will be kept behind the Circulation Desk in a designated place.  Items of value will be kept in a locked location (also behind the Circulation Desk).
  5. Staff will check these locations when an item has been reported lost.
  6. In order to claim a found item, the owner must describe the item as closely as possible. After ownership is established as well as possible, the item may be returned immediately to the owner.
  7. Items in Lost and Found which are not claimed by the end of each semester will be disbursed. Items of value will be taken to the Campus Safety Office. Non-reusable items will be disposed. All reusable items will be appropriately donated.

A staff log book is used at the Circulation Desk for patrons who report missing items. A person may list a lost item along with their name, email or phone number. A staff member will contact the person if the item is turned in to the library.

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