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Library Locations

B-BD Philosophy (Case, Level 2)
BF Psychology (Cooley)
BH-BX Religion (Case, Level 2)
C-CB Civilization (Case, Level 2)
CC Archaeology (Case, Level 2)
D World History (Case, Level 2)
E America (General) (Case, Level 2)
F1-975 United States (Case, Level 2)
F1001-1140 Canada (Case, Level 2)
F1201-3799 Latin America (Case, Level 2)
G Geography, Anthropology, Sports (Case, Level 2)
H Social Sciences (Case, Level 2)
J Political Science (Case, Level 4)
K Law (Case, Level 4)
L Education (Case, Level 4)
M Music (Case, Level 4, behind the staircase)
N Fine Arts (Case, Level 4, behind the staircase)
P Language and Literature (Case, Level 4)
Q Science (Cooley)
R Medicine (Cooley)
S Agriculture (Cooley)
T-TP Technology (Cooley)
TR--TX Photography, Arts and Crafts (Case, Level 4, behind the staircase)
U Military Science (Case, Level 4)
V Naval Science (Case, Level 4)
Z Bibliography, Library Science (Case, Level 4)

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