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Current Endowments of the Colgate University Libraries

We have been blessed by a number of special endowments and would like to extend a special thanks to all those who have so strongly supported the libraries materials and operations budgets over the years. The materials purchased with these funds will benefit future generations of students and faculty. Technologies and operational costs paid for by these additional resources allow the Libraries to meet the immediate and long-term needs of students and faculty.

General Endowments (non subject specific)

  • Robert & Christine Beshar Endowment (1985- ) *books on any subject.
  • Dr. & Mrs. Phililp Harff Endowment (1988- ) *books on any subject.
  • Frederick C. Hicks Endowment (1957- ) *no restriction on subject or format.
  • James E. Jones Endowment (1987-) *no restriction on subject or format.
  • Caroline Johnson Livingston Endowment (1967-) *books on any subject.
  • Ned Jay Ryder Endowment (1987-) *no restriction on subject or format.
  • Norman L. Snow Endowment (1988-) *books on any subject.
  • Grace S. Vance Endowment (1986-) *books on any subject.
  • Friends of the Library (ongoing) *books on any subject.
  • Books for libraries (ongoing) *no restriction on subject.

Interdisciplinary Endowments

  • Gladys Brooks Foundation Endowment (1984-) *materials in non-western culture.
  • Robert J. Irwin Endowment (1987-) *materials in African studies.
  • John W. Luther '61 Endowment (1987-) *materials in ethics, & international relations.
  • Beatrice & Ivo Robert Malan Endowment (1996-) *preference for materials in French literature & parapsychology.
  • Ong Lei Ping & Stephen A. Maloy '73 Asia/Pacific Fund (1995-) *books about or published in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Michael D. Rakov Endowment (1988-) *books in English Literature, Native American Studies, & Peace Studies.

Humanities Endowments

  • Adler Foundation J. P. Klein Endowment (1975-) *materials in art, music, & drama.
  • James C. Bowling Endowment (1998-) *materials in art & art history.
  • Isaac Davis Endowment (1875-) *books in religion.
  • Stephen J. Early Endowment (1898-) *books in religion.
  • Bertha & Isaac Liberman Foundation Endowment (1997-) *materials in art, music, & theatre.
  • Robert L. Murray Jr. Memorial Fund (1988-) *books in classical studies.

Social Science Endowments

  • Robert J. Collishaw '55 Endowment (1997-) *materials in economics.
  • John H. Grady Endowment (1987-) *materials in history and political science.
  • Susan J. Hopkins Endowment (1928-) *materials in law.
  • Richard L. Massolo '70 Memorial Endowment (1982-) *books in social science.
  • Paul A. Moyer Endowment (1964-) *materials in European History.
  • Allen Renner Endowment (1999-) *materials in all subjects with a preference for authors with a conservative view.
  • Lester D. Stickles '18 Endowment (2002-) *materials in military or diplomatic history.
  • Frederick G. and Ruth T. Turner Endowment (1990-) *materials in American history.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Van Dam Endowment (1971-) *books in Latin American Studies.

Science Endowments

  • Richard C. Beitz Endowment (1991-) *books in the sciences.
  • Myra T. Cooley Science Library Fund (1984-) *books & periodicals in the sciences.
  • Dr. Richard J Resnick Endowment (1987-) *materials in Health Sciences, Genetics, & microbiology.
  • Norva E. Stapleton Endowment. (1967-) *books in science & math.
  • Books for Science Endowment. (ongoing) *books in the sciences

Periodical Endowments

  • Class of 1932 Endowment (1982-)
  • Myra T. Cooley Science Library Fund (1984-)
  • William A Miller Endowment (2003-)
  • W. Bradford and Esther B. Wiley Endowment (1984-)

Special Collections Endowments

  • George W. Walker '32 Endowment (1998-)*rare books and manuscripts.
  • Robert Gordon '50 Fund (2001) *rare books and manuscripts in the English language especially works in art, history, or literature.

Operations and Technology Endowments

  • Clerkin Family Fund (1996- ) *Library Technology.
  • Class of 1954 21st century Library Fund (2004- ) *Library Operations.

Note: There are some additional funds which provide general budget support such as the Fisk and Edgarton Funds. No direct charges may be made to these funds so they are not listed here.

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