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Developing Your Position

  1. Read three articles with divergent points of view - teams of three students will read the same three articles (pre-selected by professor).  Note that the articles have divergent points-of-view around the same topic.  As you read, consider the evidence offered by the different scholars. Consider your own position on the topic.

  2. Discuss your developing viewpoints - meet with the two other students on the team and discuss your points-of-view on this topic. Be cognizant of where your viewpoints diverge and where they come together.  Note how this discussion may have changed or further informed your position.

  3. Reflect on your experience - write a two to three page response paper (double spaced) describing:
  • your position on the topic;
  • how your position diverges or is similar to the students in your group; and
  • what informed your point-of-view along the way.


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